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Wednesday Wars-Heather Hoodhood

No description

Alyssa Jane

on 13 April 2014

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Transcript of Wednesday Wars-Heather Hoodhood

Heather Hoodhood promotes peace and doesn't let anyone keep her from doing what she believes. Heather wants to be a flower child and protest the Vietnam War. Even after her father tells her that he doesn't want her to be a hippie and embarrass the family, she still sticks to her own, independent opinion.
Vietnam War
Holling and Heather build
a relationship
In the beginning of the book, Heather and Holling get into fights and disagree with each other. In the passage it says, "There was only my sister left. To ask your sister to be your ally is like asking Nova Scotia to go into battle with you." However, at the end of
Wednesday Wars
, Holling and Heather form a relationship. In the book it says, "My father said only one thing during supper:
'Did you find yourself?'
'What?' said my sister.
'Did you find yourself?'
'She found me,' I said."
Also in the book, Heather and
Holling start to spend more time
with each other visiting the city
and praying at Saint Adelbert's.
Heather goes to California
Because Heather's father tells Heather what to do and what not to do, Heather drives away to California to find herself and to become someone that she wants to be. Heather is tired of being controlled by her father and wants to become someone that she dreams to become. She doesn't want to follow her father's rules in life.
Heather stands up
to her father
No matter how many times Mr. Hoodhood has told Heather to follow
rules and to not be a flower child, Heather does what she wants. In
Wednesday Wars
it says, "'We believe in peace and understanding and freedom. We believe in sharing and helping each other. We're going to change the world.'
'A flower child,' said my father, opening his eyes, 'is a hippie who lives in Greenwich Village in dirty jeans and beads and who can't change a pair of socks.'
'Fifty thousand flower children protested the war at the pentagon today. They all say you're wrong.'" Heather is growing up into an individual with her own opinion.
By: Alyssa Jane
Wednesday Wars-
Heather Hoodhood

Sources of pictures
Wants to go to College
Assassination of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr.
Heather Hoodhood promotes peace and the rights for all. The assassination of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. really devastated her. Heather is forming her own opinion and supports Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. When Martin Luther King died, Heather did not speak to anyone and didn't come down for dinner. She just kept herself locked
in her room. When Bobby Kennedy died,
Heather and Holling went to the church,
lit candles, prayed,and cried.
1. Flower Child
2. Father and Daughter Fighting
3. Columbia University
4. New York to California
5. Brother and Sister
6. Bobby Kennedy
7. Martin Luther King Jr.

Heather is becoming an individual by wanting to go to college to get away from her parents and do something that she wants to do in life. In the book it says, "'I am going to Columbia University as soon as I finish high school.'
'You will be going to Columbia University when lima beans fly.'
Which was the moment that my sister demonstrated that lima beans
fly, across the table, past my face (mostly), and onto the
scale model
of the new
junior high
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