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Engagement 1


Graham Beal

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Engagement 1

North BU Engagement update Just to recap
2011 2013
Survey - May Communication
SMT visibility
Recruitment decisions
Work/ life balance
After hours arrangements opportunities Promises The BU Engagement Plan - SMT to stop making promises to team members without engaging the relevant RMT manager - RMT to step up and take control of their people (they need to see themselves as senior managers) - Where possible and practical, SMT should visit branches with a local RMT member - RMT to increase communication with their team members and relay less on SMT communicating
- RMT to present their plans for their people, branches, customers to SMT to ensure SMT are aligned to their approach Improve RMT profile as senior managers and decision makers Improve management of change specifically around areas that impact on the branches eg Baseplan upgrades/changes CHANGE MANAGEMENT 2012 Promises
Change management
Work/life balance
Consultation on asset purchases More effective communication relating to promises made to employees and follow through on promises made.

- Be realistic on promises
- Focus on this by people managers
- Make a note of commitments that are made to ensure they aren't forgotten
- Be clear on the message - "this is a promise" vs "I'll try but I can't promise"
- Achieve this though coaching by RMT via toolbox, Pre-start meetings - Engage target audience for feedback prior to changes happen
- Focus on planning changes better rather then rushing into them
- Include a section in Northern Exposure on "Upcoming Changes"
- Exposure on the intranet to advertise changes coming
- Feedback via a 'Front Line Forum' CHANGE MANAGEMENT Improve communication for field service staff - Ensure Field Service staff are included in branch toolboxes
Improve work/ life balance for branch employees - Share workload around hours
- "Permission" given to BM's to manage their resources
- Adequate staffing reviewed to ensure standards of quality & safety are maintained
- Area Ops managers to manage & own
- Review of BM & ABM capabilities & develop to ensure they have the necessary skills Improve S2P process - Results from common deliverables sent directly to relevant parties or made centrally available ASAP i.e. released or made available

- Development around the way managers deliver / conduct the conversations

- Rollout S2P to wages staff also to ensure they feel equally valued
- Strong focus on including quality development activities in EVERY S2P plan
- Take steps to ensure that not everyone is leading or lifting. Create an environment where it is expected that people can "talk straight" Improve recruitment process Panel Interviews
2 face to face interviews
360 psychometric testing
Having the right people on the panel Improve inter-branch communication Weekly Area phone hook-up

Exchange Program Provide meaningful and honest feedback to staff - Be clear when expectations aren't met
- Create an environment where two way communication (up & down) is possible
- Effective use of S2P sessions
- Toolbox Talks
- Open forum / telecons
- RMT should be the level of management seen the most & communicating the most to the team. The BU Plan The actions Strive to Perform Leadership and Development 2013 Engagement Initiatives Promises, promises, promises Change Management HR/ People practices Communication follow through feedback realistic commitments accountability focus RMT profile feedback from target audience RMT communication with their teams intranet northern exposure field service focus recruitment principles S2P go higher toolbox talks pre-starts area phone hook-ups performance feedback Engagement s2p Survey December 2012 strive 2 perform
development plans LPI 360 feedback On the job coaching and mentoring

career discussions

open, honest feedback Exchange Program MDP
Cert IV in OH&S
Safety First Leadership Program Coates Hire Academy Recruitment Principles
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