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clara de pretis

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Tuberculosis

The silent killer TB can affect other parts of the body, though it is usually concentrated in the lungs The Human Cost of the Disease Type of Treatment Programme 1 in 3 people in the world are infected with tuberculosis Financial Suffering Human suffering:

isoniazid and rifampicin
for 6 months
pyrazinamide and ethambutol
for first 2 months only

resistant strains:
XDR-TB Tuberculosis overall impact of
the disease People that will benefit Conclusion 2 324 579 478 People infected with TB 1 500 000 People die of TB in one year £13 per person (90% of cases) for a standard course of TB antibiotics Curing a total of 139 000 000 PEOPLE Everyone. £4200 per person (10% of cases) Curing 47 000 people But with £2 000 000 000 All of them can be SAVED helping millions of others Help. Treatment Cost One infection every second Actually, it's a bit more complicated... Eradication Years Population infected We're forgetting something... Population Growth Years Population infected Years Population infected We need to be saving 190 000 000 people per year Standard treatment- £2 223 000 000 Complicated- £85 500 000 000 Total: £87 723 000 000 4p 2 million people die of tuberculosis worldwide annually, at a rate of 5,000 deaths per day 9 million people are newly infected with TB each year. Farmers affected by Bovine TB also uffer a great deal from having to cease trade Immigration Many of the world's poorest workers live in key sectors labeled as TB and HIV risk sectors. This can create problems for them if they ever want to leave their countries to find a better quality of life Effects on AVerage family The cost of TB is estimated at just over 10% of a household's income. In poorer countries, this can be catastropic. Compared with a figure below 10% for malaria, TB can have more adverse financial effects on poorer families than any other disease apart from HUIV BCG vaccine Some of the 22 worst affected countries include: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, China... etc The majority of cases found among people age 20-45. The estimated number of people falling ill with tuberculosis each year is declining, although very slowly, which means that the world is on track to achieve the Millennium Development Goal to reverse the spread of TB by 2015. The TB death rate dropped 41% between 1990 and 2011.
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