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Lisa Martinez's Portfolio

Lisa Martinez is the COO of illuvint llc. These are some samples of her Marketing work with different clients in a variety of industries

Lisa Martinez

on 18 November 2016

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Transcript of Lisa Martinez's Portfolio

Lisa Martinez: Portfolio Samples
Blog Campaign; Facebook Ads
Lisa conceptualized, strategized, implemented, and managed a 10-day blog tour promoting author Vinny Flynn’s book, “21 Ways to Worship”. She secured and publicized prominent bloggers on religious topics like Lisa Hendey, Brandon Vogt, and Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle, and gained exposure through others at active blog communities such as Patheos.com, IntegratedCatholicLife.com, and NewEvangelizers.com.
Campaign development included: Social Media strategizing, Press Release, design of all artwork utilized on Social Media outlets and blogs publicizing the blog tour.
Related campaign: Created and managed Facebook advertising campaigns

Copy Editing
Website Copywriting, SEO, Content Editing
Marketing Services
Plans & Strategies
PR services
Digital Marketing: Email, Social Media & Blog Services
Copywriting, Editing, SEO
Customized Graphic Design
Marketing Campaigns & Collateral
Media Kits
Branding & Positioning
Advertisement Campaigns
Photography/Videography +

Social Media Management
Lisa strategized, implemented, and executed a 45-day Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for musician Curtis Stephan, which exceeded the $15,000 goal by over $1,000, and had 176 backers.
A major contributing factor to the campaign’s success was achieved through leveraging Social Media Networks, albeit with limited numbers of followers, Facebook<900 and Twitter<60.
Martinez spearheaded the campaign efforts through: Videography/editing, PR, strategization and daily management of Social Media, community engagement, collateral development, and graphic design.

Campaign: www.indiegogo.com/projects/new-songs-of-consolation-cd-by-curtis-stephan
Social Media: www.facebook.com/pages/Curtis-Stephan/322971340359?fref=ts;
Campaign Highlights
Brief Facebook Stat Highlights surrounding the campaign:
•Gained over 80 new followers on Facebook organically in 2 months, and doubled Twitter followers
•Daily number of people sharing stories about page: Increased to as much as 5x higher than prior to start of campaign
•Highest weekly total reach (any people seeing page content) before start of campaign: 770; Highest reach during campaign: 6,237
•28 day viral impressions (The number of impressions of a story published by a friend about Page) highest before start of campaign: 1,880; Highest impressions during campaign: 38,472
NOTE: Only $5 one-time contribution towards Facebook advertising was spent over 45 days, so all the efforts were primarily organic
Postcard Design
Social Media Custom Graphics
Campaign: www.vinnyflynn.com/2013/05/17/may-blog-tour/
Social Media: www.facebook.com/authorvinnyflynn?fref=ts

Campaign Highlights
•Over 150 comments across blog posts, not including hundreds of giveaway entries alone on BrandonVogt.com, and Social Media commentary across Vinny and 10 bloggers networks.
•Facebook insights: Strong activity across the 10 day time frame. Number of people talking about/being active with page, double from before campaign started.
•Google Analytics: 47% of the page visits over the month were gained during that 10-day campaign
•Google Analytics: 5 out of 10 main traffic sources were from contributing blogs – including HappyCatholic, CatholicMom.com, Brandon Vogt, Patheos, and Following the Truth.

Social Media Custom Graphics
Facebook Ad Design & Management
Press Releases: Writing samples
Press Release Results
Stories run in local newspapers
Gained attention of national media outlets
Have secured Radio interviews
Featured on websites and popular blogs
Been included in Newsletter sent to 8,000+ families, and other publications

Speech Preparation
Content editing w/ developer instructions
Original Content
Branding: Rebranding Project
1. Original
brand on
2. Client's
logo design
for rebrand
3. illuvint
New Logo
& Design
Designed other brand elements, including new website
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