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Crime scence: Rene Montoya


Caitlin powell

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Crime scence: Rene Montoya

Death in the Famliy: Blood Splatter
by: Rene Montoya aka Caitlin and Helen No human can survie with out blood
blood does many things:
keep humans warm and cool
carries oxygen and nurtients through the body
fight infections
get rid of waste products
with out blood the heart would not even be functioning.

Crime Scene at the crime scene we found blood on:
the malet
both the stakes
a saw
the motor of the saw
the wires and cables
a wall
fileing cabinet
a chain
baseball bat
the cardboard mat
paper towels

We also found:
foot prints-three different shoe patterns (nike shocks and converses} and the thrid was unknown
finger prints-unknown

Theory!!!!!! :)
Helen and I think that the suspect came through the
door and was fighting Jason Todd. And Jason in the
end was on the cardboard mat when he died. We also
think that Jason had been in multiple places because
there was no blood pools or dierct place of where he is
at. All the blood was splattered. Blood splatter!!!!
The most of the blood was going forward but in
different angles from where the suspect was
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