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Mandarin Library Automation Tips 2015

No description

Alice Klumper

on 28 October 2015

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Transcript of Mandarin Library Automation Tips 2015

Empty fields stripped upon saving
Add multiple subfields. e.g. abcg
Changing the Holdings status to "In Process". 994#a = i
Finding a “Lost” Import List. 908 = yymmdd
Find BIBs not verified. Search Anywhere = * NOT 950 = *
Change Amicus title authorities to be appropriate for use as series added entry 008/16
Can move fields/subfields from record being imported to existing record and save existing (e.g. Yeti)
Global Changes
Global Change Exercises
Adding missing information (e.g.) 260#a
ramifications for RDA
Canceled & Replaced Headings
Sears preface
Control field changes
Inverted SH
Add See ref from old
Century e.g. 1900-1999 (20th century)
Add See ref from old
440 -> 490 (no initial articles)
Both lower and upper case letters in call number cutter
Power of the WebPac
Create bibliographies (MLA & APA)
URL copy
MARC records
Instructions File: Adding a column to cataloguing window
A more complicated search might work like this:

Search Bibliographic
520#b = Aboriginal content AND 852#h = F NOT 650#a = First nations
Select records...Find...Execute actions for all...Action...
Insert new Field/Subfield
Insert 650#a Inuit
Insert new Subfield...Into existing field
Insert #v in last 650 Fiction
Move the last operation entered to the bottom of the execution order.
Find Next/Replace where appropriate

Repeat procedure for First Nations—Fiction and Métis—Fiction
WARNING: Using "undo"
Search Wisely
Seven Oaks Library Technicians SAGE 2015
Re-connecting BIBs to the correct authority
Other Tips in Cataloguing
Group Editor

Used for:
Differing loan terms and limits
Special collections
Example of multi-step global change
Other Modules/Utilities
BEDSCAT (Basic Educational Data Survey and Collection Analysis Tool)

Allows you to run statistical reports that can be used to analyze the age and relevance of a collection. These reports are based on Dewey or Library of Congress classifications.

The new features of this version are:

Ability to run separate reports for Collection Analysis Statistics, CollectionAnalysis S ummary Totals, and Basis Education Data System.
Ability to analyze by Dewey 1's and Dewey 100's.
Totals and average age for each individual Prefix, Dewey 1, Dewey 10 and Dewey 100.
Ability to set a date range for the BEDS report.
More up to date reporting of BEDS form questions.
Ability to print each report individually.
Report Tool
Print-to-file for editing in another program
CleanUp v2.2

CleanUp is a utility that can be used to take care of various housekeeping procedures the Mandarin database.


Find Bibs without Holdings
There may be bibliographic records in the database without attached holding records. This can happen if the holding record is deleted by itself, or if it was never created. These records show as unavailable in the OPAC.

After the database has been scanned, the user can choose to Save Information, which creates a text file containing the call number, author, title and 001 field of the records, and/or to delete or purge the selected records.

Find Holdings without Bibs
These records are trickier to find in any other way, since they don’t display in the OPAC. The information can be saved, or the records can be deleted or purged.

Delete Records by Barcode
This function gives the librarian an easy way to handle weeding. The barcodes can be scanned in directly or brought in from a saved barcode file.

Find Inactive Patrons
The program generates a list of patrons that have not had any loans, are marked for deletion or have not had activity since a user-specified date and time.

Transaction History Purge
Besides being able to purge History for a certain range of dates, the librarian can choose to retain historical transactions that are still open, or for certain patrons or items. A report can be generated to keep a record of purged items.

Marked Missing Purge

Message Maintenace

1. Find It
2. Fix It
If records being verified have "wacky" authorities, shells will be created with this process.

As you repeat this process with other authority records (making doing changes a part of your work process) you will find the errors become less and less.
Clean-up Utility
Group Editor
Report Tool

Save, email and/or post your work!
Bonus Content: Changing your cataloguing view
Make a back-up before you proceed !
However, don't let this hold you back !
Titlewave is also a good tool to use for spotting errors such as missing 008/07-10 (date) and incomplete records http://www.titlewave.com

What to Save:
Bookbag (general--no name)
Named Bookbag
MARC records
Login First
Email Not available directly from webpac
Must save and then send
A saved bookbag is a document with html file extension

Print a bibliography or bookbag as a .pdf and send as an attachment

Share a "live search" with the URL

Using URLs and Widgets
Ratings and Comments feature, for Oasis and WebOPAC

Once Ratings and Comments have been enabled, any book or other item with an ISBN is ratable. You will see the books icons and the Comments link in Search Results.

A patron must be logged on (with patron-level OPAC access) to submit a comment for a book, and the system email must be set up. The comment is emailed to the librarian who must edit the comment before it is visible publicly.

Make searches in your OPAC more valuable for everyone! Encourage your patrons to interact with your OPAC by rating and commenting on their reads.
NOTE! The ratings part works (even without login) but with our current configuration, the comment part does not. I don't know if it will be different for M5
Post URL links on your web page for "lists"
Make upkeep easy with live lists
Be sure to note that the links will only work from within 7oaks SD!*
Use a "book carousel" widget
LibraryThing? (I haven't tested this yet) http://www.librarything.com/forlibraries
M5 has this built into the new webpac
See the following schools for webpage examples:
www.7oaks.org -> School sites -> School name -> Programs & Services -> Library
Maples (bottom right hand side of page)
Finney (left hand column)
ESOMS (right hand column - Note: this may be a Shelfari widget from a previous LT and that's why it isn't updated)
West K (multiple links on left hand column)
BZERC (www.7oaks.org/Resources/BZERC) bottom right hand side
M5 Demo
* See: for a list of all library URLs
To change the address for home access, just replace the first set of numbers with: and remove the middle of your library address with the numbers and symbols


Can be changed to:

You can also use a service such as bitly to shorten addresses. https://bitly.com/
Create new acquisition lists and bibliographies that are correlated to curriculum outcomes using one (or more) of the techniques discussed during this workshop.
See you after lunch!
However, links and pictures won't show
Note: the pictures and links will show but the links won't work
Allows for recipients to see newly added materials as they become available
Note: replace spaces in the URL with an underscore for the link to work
Let patrons know that anything blue is "click able"
To get to the Global Editor
Select records
Right mouse click to get menu
Left mouse click "Find"
For advanced functions, click off the "Advanced" box
Click "Execute actions for each"
Select your action

You can resort the order your actions will take with the "Move up" "Move down"
PLEASE remove "juvenile" from subject headings!
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