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No description

Joselyne Santana

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of MARVEL

History of the company
Marvel’s Creative Idea and Product
Relevant Data about Marvel Success
- Isaías Coppiano
- Andrés Franco
- Melissa Garaycoa
- Patricio Hinojosa
- Stefano Ponce
- Joselyne Santana

Namor and The Human Torch
Captain America
Marvel’s Golden Age of Comics
Creative Idea or Product
Value Behind X-Men

90`s Bankrupt
-Distribution problems.
-Publisher, distributor and retail outlet.
-Heroes World Distribution

Comic Book Stores
If you had a comic book store in 1991 and you wanted to sell Marvel comic you were required to buy a minimum amount of comics , whether you can sell them all or not

Comic Book Stores
People reaction
Angered the owners
Alienated investors.
Shares of marvel start going down.

Mass exodus of artists
In 1991
Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane
So many restrictive policies of Marvel.
Generated revenue by millions thanks to his work on X -Force , X -Men and Spiderman.

This film grossed over $ 157 million in the US and 139 million in other countries , making a total of $ 296,339,527 over the world.

Isaac Pellmutter y Avi Arad, started a successful publishing policy which allowed them to emerge from the ashes .
Diamond Comics

2009 Purchase
In late 2009, Disney purchase Marvel for about $4 billion in cash and stock

Marvel Movies over time
Marvel Movies over time
Marvel Movies over time
Hey I'm Nick Fury. Pay close attention because at the end we will have some questions brought to you by our Marvel Agents of Shield!
Strong, clearly expressed
Appreciation of the individual and of his her contribution1
Cultures that encourage openness and playfulness
Celebrate successes constantly
Awareness of trends
Cross-functional teams
Intense customer focus
Thank You
Stanley Martin Lieber
Silver Age of American comics
Bad memory
Peter Parker (Spider Man)
Matt Murdock (Daredevil)
Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic)
Susan Storm (Invisible Women)
Robert Bruce Banner
The humanization of the characters beyond their superhero identity
New genres
children's stories
science fiction monsters
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