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Senior Exit Interview Presentation

No description

Brandon Zingarelli

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Senior Exit Interview Presentation

Senior Exit Interview Presentation
Created By:
Brandon Zingarelli

After obtaining my Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminology or Criminal Justice, I plan on becoming a police officer in the next four to six years.
Why Law Enforcement?
Passion for protecting others
Drive and desire to serve my community the best way I can
Make a difference in the lives of others
Influences in my life include:
Officer Tino Abbate
My mom and dad
My Plan of Action: High School
Continue to maintain my grades
Stay actively involved in the Police Explorers and community
Meet all of Mesa's graduation requirements
Graduate from Murrieta Mesa High School with a 3.5 or higher GPA
My Plan of Action: Post-High School
My strengths:
Good under pressure
Common sense
Work well with others
Good negotiator
Good with stress
My weaknesses:
Being too critical of myself
Afraid of failure
Physical stamina
Personal Characteristics: The Good & The Bad
Interview Highlights
Interviewed LAPD Detective Angel Vega
The Law Enforcement field is so diverse and there are numerous fields available to specialize in
New challenges everyday and you never know what you will be faced with on a daily basis or the lives you will touch.
Teaches you to work and adapt to many people and many different environments.
Must learn to adapt to changing situations and new obstacles every day
Helping the Community
Preparing for My Future
Potential Obstacles
My Reflection
I have been able to focus on my career choices and the many options available to me in the Law Enforcement field.
This has shown me how difficult my journey may be but how beneficial it will be in the long run.
I have been able to pinpoint my passion throughout the integrated projects as well as realize the journey that lies ahead of me.
Involvement in the Murrieta Police Explorers Program
Completed numerous ride alongs with the Murrieta Police Department
Volunteered at city events with the Murrieta Police Explorers
Researched the requirements for acceptance into possible police training academies
Spoken to various police officers about what requirements and expectations the department withholds
Getting accepted into the police academy
Paying for my schooling and student loans
Staying focused and driven to finish all of my schooling, training, etc.
Choosing the right department
Being good at what I do
Helping to save the lives in my community
Being an adviser for future explorer programs
Protecting the lives of those who can't help themselves
Being a positive role model
Making an impact on not just one person, but an entire community
At Riverside Community College, I plan to major in Criminology and get involved in their Criminal Justice/Juvenile Corrections Program.
Earn my Associates degree at RCC and then transfer to a CSU or UC school to complete my Bachelor of Science Degree
Apply to a Police Academy of my interest and begin my training in becoming an officer
Skills Needed to Be A Successful Cop
Common Sense
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