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The Human Condition

TM P8 21Apr

Harvin Kaur

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of The Human Condition

The Human Condition CULTURES Karen people Americans Giyuku, Central Kenya When the world was first created and the gods were born, each diety had a task in the maintanence of the land. This hard labour led to complaints and demands to find a better solution. One day, the water goddess Nammu decided to create a man out of clay; Enki and Ninmah were given the task. They drank too much beer and began to play a game where one created beings and the other found a role for them. Three had malformed genitals an became priests. One was completely unviable, unable to stand or feed itself, and had to be held in Ninmah's lap-the first human infant. Sumerian creation myth Body rituals
Brushing of teeth
Plastic surgery Northern Thailand and Burma
Women control wealth
Group identity passed through daughters
Men move
Matrilocal Biology by itself is incapable of providing us with a habitable world. Unlike animals, humans must be born twice, once physically and a second time culturally, for only culture can provide us with the sense of security and direction that to animals is instinctual.
John R Gillis I ask myself, "What is it that women who are married to men have that I don't have? Is it land? I have land. Is it children? I have children. I don't have a man, but I have a woman who cares for me. And I tell you, I don't have to worry about a man telling me what to do."
Ciru, married to Nduta Kuhikania & Uhiki
Female husband?
Freedom from male control
Desire for children
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