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Harlem Renaissance

No description

Kaos Rogers

on 23 February 2017

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Transcript of Harlem Renaissance

Question 2 (Continued)
NAACP, In 1905 Du Boise, in collaboration with a group of prominent African-American political activist and white civil rights workers, met in New York to discuss the challenges facing the Black Community
- UNIA-ACL / "Back to Africa " Garvey founded the universal Negro Improvement Association and African communities league, which advocated the Reuniting of all people of African ancesty into one community with one absolute government
Question 3
Why did the Jazz Age take place after WWI ? Why did " Speakers" arise ?
- The Jazz Age was a post-World War I movement in the 1920s from which jazz music and dance emerged. Although the era ended with the outset of the Great Depression in 1929, jazz has lived on in American popular culture.
-The Birth of jazz music is credited to African American, but both black and white american alike are responsible for its immense rise in popularity
- The rise of jazz coincided with the rise of radio broadcast and recording technology, which spawned the popular " potter palm " shows that included Big - Band Jazz Performances.

Question 2
2. How did the NAACP, UNIA-ACL, and NUL combine to influence the Renaissance? What methods did civil rights activists use to achieve their goals?
-The "NUL" counseled black migrants from the south, trained black social workers, and worked to give educational and employment opportunities to black

Question 1
1. What is the “The Great Migration” and what is its significance? Why did many call Harlem “The Black Mecca?”

- Harlem Renaissance was the name given to the cultural. Social, and artistic involvement that took place in Harlem at the end of WWI
-After WW1, Many African American Migrated from South to Northern cities.
Kaos Rogers
Dezmond Boone
Darryl Dlwnes
Harlem Renaissance
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