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Ankara 2014

No description

Víctor Rivero

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Ankara 2014

We can't stand still while everything changes around us.
Adult education
allows complete, continue or extend our initial training.
In 1992 The European Union launches a collaborative plan that promotes innovation, accessibility and quality of adult education. The
Grundtvig project
is born.
s have broken the boundaries of space and time. The new school reaches all corners and suits all times.
Internet has opened a new training space flexible and communicative.
is an online institute in Andalucia (Spain). It provides free educational materials in Spanish through the network.
Offers Secondary, High School, Languages and vocational training through the use of the Internet resources.
Within Grundtvig project, an European framework for exchanging experiences,
are a tool for understanding the folklore of each community.
Universal values
​​such as love, courage, justice, loyalty or forgiveness ... They are exalted in these ancient narratives, reflecting the cultural identity, which give us the opportunity to approach them with admiration and respect.
Here we present a small sample of our activity on stories and
of our culture.
With our mates in Seville, the Spanish send greetings to our Turkish, Icelandic, Italian and Polish partners in this fourth meeting in
There is not deadline for education.
The concept of
Lifelong learning
is one of the greatest revolutions of our time.
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