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Hippocrates' Sleeve

Hippocrates' Sleeve By James Manning

James blonde

on 19 February 2010

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Transcript of Hippocrates' Sleeve

Hippocrates Sleeve By James Manning Who was Hippocrates? Hippocrates was a famous Greek physician who was known as the father of medicine. His natural treatments were thought to have been very relaxing and very therapeutic for his patients. Hippocrates believed that illness was caused by an imbalance in the body, and believed that rest was a very key part in the healing process. He lived from 480 BCE until 390 BCE which was almost unheard of for this time period, as people rarely lived to the age of 90. What was the purpose? The purpose of the sleeve was to be a water filter, however it has also been used to filter wine and other alcoholic beverages. This is the earliest known type of bag filter to remove sediment which would cause discoulourment and odor in liquids. gfasefaf demenstration. Uses chemics used this for straining syrups many wineries used them also for straining out the imperities in there wine there is a wnie named after hippocrates sleeve andit is called this because they only will filter it through the sleeve How does this relate to the particle theory?? The particle theory states that everything is made of particles and each particle has a space between it and other particles. And that for the different states of matter there are different sized spaces Solids has the least amount of space which means that they won't move easily. Liquids have a medium amount of space which allows it to move more freely. Gases have the greatest amount of space between them allowing them to move around a lot faster and over greater distances. Hippocrates sleeve relates to the particle theory in that it is separating the different particles.
The liquids pass through the sleeve, since the liquid has larger spaces between its paricles, however the soilds do not have these gaps and stay in the sleeve and are no longer in the liquid. How to make a Hippocrates sleeve I found many different ways that it was made but the one I choose I'm going to explain how I made it. 1 get some flannel or wool. 2 cut material into a square. 3 roll square to form a cone. 4 sew the outer flap to the inside. Look it's Hippocrates! (well at least it's a picture of him) 5 suspend the cone over a bowl and pour liquid through.
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