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Shark Girl By Kelly Bingham

No description

Jessica K.

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Shark Girl By Kelly Bingham

Jane is a girl who is in high school. She now only has one arm and its her left. She has blonde hair with blue eyes.
Shark Girl By Kelly Bingham

Art and Cooking
Jane had a passion for art, she woukd enter her school contests and always win 1st place. She also was an amazing cook, she has plenty of cook books.
Jane became really stubborn after her arm was bit off. She was really srtistic and great at drawing but she never tried in front of people to accomplish her goals again. She loves being outside and the beach but that all was ruined. Jane hates her fake arm that he got. But Jane really did not want all the sympathy cards and flowers from people she did not know.
Quotes from Jane
"Yeah, well, no one is going to even see what I'm wearing. They'll be too busy checking out my fake arm. I could wear a bag over my head and no one would notice." Jane is so embarrassed with everything.
In Shark Girl, Jane Arrowood is the main character. There is also her mom and her brother. Her friends are Rachel,Max, Angie, and Justin.

lives in California

t started when Jane wanted to rush to the beach. She passed a woman who spilled all the food and didn't help her. Next thing she knew she was in the water when the shark attacked. Her brother came out and saved her life. He took the string from his trunks and tied it around her bitten arm. She wonders why the guy with the camera kept recording instead of helping her. She was rushed to the the EM. She got her arm amputated and was in a coma. After she woke up she saw all the flowers and cards. She went through days of depression and family and friends calls. She met a young boy named Justin and hung out with him a long time. After she came home she saw in her room and noticed everything the same. S he thought a lot and saw the video a ton. After she was home a while she started cooking again and trying to draw but did not tell or show her mom and or brother. Justin then wanted her to come over and she did finally. While she was at Justin's she asked what he wanted and he thought of a surprise. Jane also got this new prosthetic arm but hates it .She remembered how many times he asked for drawing so she gave him one. Jane starts having a crush on Max at school and he gives her rides. Angie was also being very mean to her at the end but now they had a fight and said sorry. In the end Jane realized that she needs to be happy and is.
Jane gets attacked by a shark and lives.
She also started cooking and drawing again
Before the attack
After the attack
Jane never uses her prosthetic anymore and learned everything without it. She is back the to the same happiness.
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