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Houston's First Term As President

No description

Kyle Hembree

on 6 April 2017

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Transcript of Houston's First Term As President

Republic Of Texas
Made by Kyle and Norah
Houston's First Term As President By:Kyle
The Republic of Texas wanted to be recognized. They sought out after U.S leaders to convince them that they were responsible enough and able to survive on their own. Andrew Jackson inquired about this and even witnessed that they were speaking the truth.
Dealing With Recognition By:Kyle
The Comanche and Kiowa were hostile towards the Texans for what seemed to be personal reasons. They were angry that we took their land. Houston solved this by giving the land back and telling them that there was no harm intended towards them.
Native American Conflict By:Kyle
The capital Columbia was too small and rugged. So they decided to move to capital to Houston for three years. They moved to Houston because the Allen brothers promised it will be better.
Choosing a Capital
The government of Texas owed $1.25 million in public debt that had borrowed to pay for the revolution. To raise money, congress put a tariff on imported goods, livestock and property.
What to do with Santa Anna?
Santa Anna was held as a prisoner by Texas. Houston did not know what to do with him.
By : Norah
By: Norah
By: Norah
When Lamar was president,he fixed the education problem. He and Congress set aside land for this. They used the land for public schools.
What Do I Think:Kyle
I think that Texas shouldn't join the U.S. First, it's Texas, the land where we fight our own fights. Second, even without much, they would find a solution. Texas doesn't need help. That's why it's called the "Lone" Star State.
Mexico By : Norah
Lamar wanted to show recognition of the Texas independence. Mexico wanted to have Texas back but Texas will remain independent. So Lamar decided to make their military stronger.
What do you think? By : Norah

I think Texas should join the United States. They should because they can be able to get supplies, they can spread out, and get the freedoms they always wanted. They would be able to get supplies from other countries because the US will give them supplies. They can be able to move into other states and spread out their land. They can also get the freedoms and right they always wanted.

Lamar As President: By Kyle
The Regulator-Moderator War By:Kyle
A feud between two groups known as the Regulators and Moderators. It's a feud that has been going on since 1839. As if Sam had enough problems to deal with.In August 15,1844, a committee drafted an agreement that ended both factions.
Houston's Second Term
By Kyle
Cutting Expenses
Congress eliminated many government jobs and cut the salaries of others. Houston also tried to sell the republics small navy. But the public kept growing debt, and was almost $12 million by 1846

By : Norah
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