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Guitar Summative

No description

Charity Yang

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Guitar Summative

Guitar Summative
A challenge I faced, was squeezing the strings more so I can make the sound of what I'm playing sound better. I need to work on memorizing the notes/frets.
- squeezed more so my strings sound better
- playing with other people
I see you played the E chord beautifully.I think you could push the string harder because it can make a more beautiful sound, without buzzing. -Sheng
- memorizing the frets/notes without looking down at the neck.
I heard you make a clear noise. One thing you could do is not pull the string hard because the string can break. - Sheng
I think you did well. Next time, you could try playing a little bit softer so you don't hurt the strings.- Jada
- playing an acoustic song
-alternate picking
-playing the strings at the same time.
Thank you for listening (:
-Charity Yang
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