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Symantec Customer Care 2013

No description

Tatjana Pohl

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Symantec Customer Care 2013

Better backup for all!!
Don't worry be happy!
Tatjana Pohl
“All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by” (John Masefield)
Erik Engelstad
Managing the monkey
Cristina Colas
Enrique Senecal
“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”
Keep Calm and Boom Shaka Laka
Theodor Ntinos
Roland Gomez
Lars Gaebler
James McGill
Antony Ardizzone
Customer Care EMEA

Simon Touyet
Commitment to excellence” & “Just win, baby”
Hey careful man, there’s a beverage here!

Nationality: British
Job description: Operations Manager
Age: 45
Languages: French, Italian, Hebrew
SME Skills: Being impatient, asking the team lots of questions
Year started in Symantec: 2008
Interests: Music, hifi equipment, football, cricket, Marmite
Everything happens for a reason.
Nationality: Spanish
Job description: Vendor Manager
Age: 31
Languages: Spanish, Italian, English
SME Skills: Telling the frontline what to do!
Year started in Symantec: 2007
Interests: Familly, travelling, cooking, even better when you can combine the three of them!
Nationality: USA/Italy
Job description: Customer Care Specialist
Age: 36
Languages: US English, Italian, French, Spanish
SME Skills: NBU, Storage Foundation
Year started in Symantec: 2011
Interests: I like to rock
Nationality: German
Job description: Associate Customer Service Specialist
Age: 28
Languages: German, French, English
SME Skills: Backup Exec, Online Stores
Year started in Symantec: 2008
Interests: Sun, Fun and Rock n Roll :-)
Fluctuat Nec Mergitur
Nationality: Greek
Job description: Customer Care Specialist
Age: 29
Languages Greek German English Ancient Greek
SME Skills: Flexera, Multiple
Year started in Symantec:2012
Interests: Motorbikes, Gaming
Nationality: French
Job description: Customer Care Specialist
Age: 29
Languages: French, Spanish, English, Italian, Latin
SME Skills: Renewal & Partner Program, Fussball(Kicker), Deepsight
Year started in Symantec: 2011
Interests: Various
Nationality: Very German
Job description: Customer Care Specialist (Sutherland POC)
Age: 32
Languages: German, English, French,
SME Skills: Altiris, Multiple
Year started Symantec: 2009
Interests: Soccer, TV Series and being a Daddy
Nationality: Norwegian
Job Description: Snr Customer Care Specialist
Languages: English, French, Norwegian, Dutch
SME Skills: All of them
Year started at Symantec: 2006
Interests: Travel, scubadiving, chess and many more
Nationality: French
Job description: Senior Customer Care Representative
Age: 27
Languages: French & English (German notions)
SME Skills: AV, AS, Content Filtering, Suites, CCS VM evals
Year started Symantec: 2008
Interests: Sports, Coding, Reading and loads of movies
Nationality:Citizen of the world / Brazilian/ Spanish
Job description: Customer Care Specialist
Age: 21
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, Catalán, French,Italian, Dutch, little German
SME Skills: Deepsight, PGP, Quality control
Year started Symantec: 2012
Interests: Aviation!! Travelling, Swimming !!!
Kommt Zeit - Kommt Rat !
Noemi Beltran
Nationality: Spanish
Age: 32
Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian, bit of german
SME Skills: Partner Programs, IBR,
Year started in Symantec: 2011
Interests: Weather forcasting, Singing and talking (maybe too much!)

Unagi - always be alert!
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