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ITEC 4610: Group I - Phase II

No description

Andrew E

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of ITEC 4610: Group I - Phase II

WePay Where to improve? Sarah, Andrew,
Monty, & John GAPS Organizational Business Direction Information Technology Organizational Gaps Growing company

Offering competitive wages and benefits

"Good" rating

Keeping focus off of compensation, helps employees to focus on development of company vision Survey Findings Lack of brand recognition Security is most important Business model is desired Price point may be high ? Business Direction Aberman says “to this day, we still design for ourselves first. We were absolutely our ideal customers (Maton, 2011)" + Identified a niche
+ Good vision for start-up company
- No clear company vision for the next phase of the company
Need to communicate to customers, investors, and employees
+ WePay has clearly identified who they are targeting
- Consider targeting medium or large businesses? No
- Need to invest in developing brand recognition and marketing
Facebook, Google Groups, school newspapers or websites, campus marketing, etc. Defensive Factory position on the strategic impact grid - very IT dependant

Little differentiation from competition

No governance committee, but not needed - small size

Website may not appeal to users IT Gaps
IT Opportunities Potential to move to offensive quadrant

Develop new systems with focus on differentiation & improved customer security for online payment services Security is Most Important

<<http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/T7FLB7B>> 48 Survey Respondents University of Denver
Daniels Business School PMBA Students
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