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GSC Train The Trainer

No description

Ron Keith

on 11 September 2018

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Transcript of GSC Train The Trainer

Save Relationships

Training Benefits
Save Money
Save Time
Develop or Enhance Knowledge & Skills
Acclimate New Employees To Corporate Culture
Goals of Training:
Core Responsibilities
Learning interacts with beliefs, ideas, prejudices, facts, desires and inhibitions.
Attitude vs. Outcome
Learning is an internal process.
Training Has Occurred When
Change in
Change In
Increase In
Want To Learn
Have Time To Learn
How Adults Learn
Have A Chance To Practice
3. Monitor: Execution
Performance or
Performance Assessment & Analysis
Don't Do It
Can't Do It
Won’t Do It
Adults take errors personally.
Adults learn only when they want and choose too.
How Adults Learn
Adults have strong feelings about learning situations
Adults bring life experiences into the workplace
Integration of new knowledge & skill requires transition time
Each person participating in the learning process has a responsibility for its success or failure.
Significant learning takes place when goals are known, clear and attainable.
Adults need to integrate new ideas with what they already know
Have little person contact
Get employees in a passive mood
Be quick to criticize
Make employees feel unwise for asking questions
Learning Don'ts
Challenging Learners
Facial, Eye contact, Gesture, Posture
Body Language
Train The Trainer
1. Explain: Process/Policy/Procedures/Expectations
2. Model: Behaviors/Expectations
Learning Styles
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