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My prezi about syria <3

rama alda

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of Syria

The Syrian map
the capital city of Syria
jasmine city
There are
counties and
districts in each one in the
Syrian Arab Republic
, including Damascus
Love in Damascus so special see Paradise,, see Love and you see the Truth,, see Originality and see Civilization,, see History in all its Forms, Damascus jasmine is a city in Syria the pearl of the Middle East.
Damascus, the oldest inhabited capital in the world for more than 7000 years.
the vedio: "Damascus, Syria-Jasmine City" youtube. radwan nasre, 3 Feb. 2013 web. 13 Jen 2014
the countries that surround Syria are:
and Lebanon(W), there is also a coast
line to the west,The Mediterranean sea.
Syria is 71000 square miles(183900 square kl).
google images
Languages: "languages in syria" web. n.p. 2007. web. 13 jen 2014
languages in syria
spoken laguages in syria:

is the official and most widely spoken language.

is widely spoken in kurdish regions of syria northeastern.

the lingua franca of the region before the advent of Islam and Arabic.

, it is used as the liturgical language of various syric denominations.
The Arabic language
The main language spoken in syria.
the arabic language was adopted and spread over a large area of land in 7th Century.
Arabic was probably first written in 2nd and 3rd Centuries AD.
The first Alphabet
In the history world, man wrote the alphabet for the first time in Ugrite -Syria, locally known as"Ras Shamra" on the syrian coast this little nevmtion dates back to the 14th Century BC
The table is exhibited at the museam of Damascuse
Arts in Syria
the music of syria largely emanates from the country's capital Damascuse and the largest city Aleppo.
syria has long been one of arab world's centers for cultural and artistic innovation.
Solhi Alwadi
the musician, astronomer, fashion designer and gastronome.
Abul hasan Ali Ibn Nafi
, known as
was born in 789.
Nizar Qabbani
Qabbani was revered by generations of arabs for his sensual and romantic veres.
Diplomat, poet, writer, publisher.
21 March 1923 (Damascus, Syria)
30 April 1998 (London, England)
"Nizar Qabbani".Wikipedia.n.p.25Dec.2013.Web.14Jan2014
Google image
Colette Khoury
Syrian writer and novelist, Khoury was born in Damascus and raduated from Damascus University with bachelor's degree in French literature.
Writers, poets, Novelists.
google image
Arab cultural trust.Al hakawati.IDN.2004.web.14jan2014.
(1935- )
Google image
Google images
Countries and their cultures. everycultures.leanor s tanford.2014.web.1 Jan2014
Countries and their cultures. everycultures.leanor s tanford.2014.web.1 Jan2014
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Google Images
Countries and their cultures. everycultures.leanor s tanford.2014.web.1 Jan2014
Google Images
"musice of Syria".wikipedia.n.p.18October2013.web.14Jan2014
Google Images
"muslims Heritage".com.FSTC limited.13June2003.Web.14Jan2014
Google Image
National Museum
Heer Palace gate in the eastern Syrian desert and has been moved accurately and mounted on the door of the National Museum
Military Museum
Damascus -
Military Museum
statue of Saladin
Museum of
Medicine and Science
(Alpemmarstan Nouri)

Name of Monument:
Hospital (Bimaristan) Nur al-Din
Also known as: Maristan al-Nuri

In the Suq al-Hamidiyyeh area, south of the Great Umayyad Mosque, Damascus, Syria

Date of the monument:
Hegira 549 / AD 1154

Period / Dynasty:

Other archaeological sites in Syria
Azem palace
Roman museum
Hospice Sulaymaniyah
Religion in Syria
the founder of the Islamic faith
74% Muslim
16% Alwite, Druze Muslim
10% christian
Ancient Greeks called Phoenicia name on each of Syria and Canaan.
Ashur name associated with Syria has been representing
the eastern part of the eastern part of Syria, known as Assyria or Syria
Arabs launched on that country this label. So named succession days, then it became the Levant, and its capital, Damascus, which also called Cham

Some of the names of the Levant is the name of the Levant itself, and either name (in English: Levant), which simply means "bright" or "where the sun rises" or "the land that rises from the sea,"
President of the Republic:
President Bashar al-Assad
Birth: 1965
The beginning of the presidential term: July 17, 2000
Vice President: Farouk al-Shara
Vice President for External Affairs
Vice-President: Dr. Najah al-Attar
Vice President for Cultural Affairs
Syria has two types of schools.
Stages in education: elementary and middle and high school
Materials that are given in the high school: algebra, geometry, science, history, geography, philosophy, chemistry and physics, and the National Fine Arts and Music
Materials that are given in the middle school: 7 and 8 grades: math, history, geography and nationalism, fine arts and music
9 grade: material itself as well as physics and chemistry.
Materials in the primary school: simple math, Arabic and National Education and Social Studies
Arabic is considering significantly in all years of study
Other languages​​:
English, at all grades
French and Russian from 7 to 12, a task for all students
Born: 1938
toke office: 21 Feb. 2006
Born: 1933
take office: 23 march 2006
"hospita(bimaristan). Database.abd Al-Razzaq Moaz.2004.web.jan16,2014
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Google Images
Google Image
Google Images
Google Images
Countries and their cultures. everycultures.leanor s tanford.2014.web.17 Jan2014
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"names of Syria".wikipeda.n.p.7jan2004.web.16Jan2014
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"vice president of syria".wikipeda.n.p.september.web.17Jan2014
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