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Globalization: Helping Sustainable Prosperity or not?

Social Studies 10-1: Realated Issue 3 Economic and Environmental Impacts of globalization

Anthony Nguyen

on 13 June 2011

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Transcript of Globalization: Helping Sustainable Prosperity or not?

Globalization helps Sustainable prosperity to an extent. Eventually sustainable prosperity will help all people Unfortunately the world is a long ways away from achieving this. Today eveyone in the world wants sustainable prosperity
and equallity. But the there are very few countries that have both of these. They are mainly developed Globalization: Helping Sustainable Prosperity or not? and in trying to achieve this wars are started, impeding the most basic human rights. This shows some of the most developed countries Libyan War Poverty in India Map of the the first, second and third would countries
this shows the disparity of the the countries.
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