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White Space

No description

Jonathan Crusse

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of White Space

White Space
Most languages ignore 'white space' characters.
White Space ignores everything except spaces, tabs, and line breaks.
Makes commenting code almost necessary.
Considered an imperative stack-based language.
Data represented in binary, [Space] = 0, [Tab] = 1.
Specific combinations of characters perform operations.
Was released on April 1st, 2003.
Interpreter written by Edwin Brady.
Language developed by Edwin Brady and Chris Morris at University of Durham.
Designed to 'redress the balance' in power between white space characters and other characters.
Whitespace today
Whitespace is maintained by Durham University Computing Society.

Useful for teaching the habit of commenting.

A Polyglot. Whitespace code may be inserted in programs written for other languages.

Whitespace is considered an esoteric language.
The developer community has added to Whitespace
- Helpful online examples.
- Scripts for Whitespace functions are available online
- Example functionality: User prompts, encoding input to Whitespace, Quine to output the program's own source code.

Code sample
Hello World code sample
Stack Manipulation
Heap Access
Flow Control
It would be easy to hide.
If you print the file, you
will only see comments.
You can state whatever the program does in the comments.
Example of a factorial program
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