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Capital Punishment

No description

Miss Dolan

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment
Learning Intention
To understand what capital punishment is and find out several reasons why people support it.

What is capital punishment?
Why is capital punishment regarded as a
Arguments against the death penalty
Who does the death penalty affect?
Success Criteria
All: I can describe what the word capital punishment means.
Most: I have explored different reasons why capital punishment is used.
Some: I can offer reasons why sustaining capital punishment is favourable in a society.
Capital punishment is the same as the death penalty.

It is when a person is convicted of a serious crime such as murder they are executed as a punishment
People hold different views about the sanctity of life and whether it is acceptable to punish people by death.
It also raises questions about justice and people's human rights.
It is violation of human rights.
It is not a deterrent as people still commit horrific crimes.
It is inhumane and cruel.
It is degrading.
Life is sacred.
Errors can lead to execution of an innocent person.
Arguments in favour of capital punishment
The public are protected from violent criminals.

It is a deterrent for a potential murderer.

Justice is seen to be done.

'Life'imprisionment does not mean life.

It is cheaper.

Death is a fitting punishment for murder.

Miss Dolan

"The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government."

-Thomas Jefferson

'No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment’.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, G.A. res 217A (III), U.N. Doc A/810 at 71 (1948).

- In Indiana, the death penalty costs more than life without parole by about 38%”- Amnesty International USA, Indiana Criminal Law Study Commission.

Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement.
-J.R.R Tolkien
Types of punishment worksheet.
Arguments in favour of capital punishment
Each criminal should get what their crime deserves and in the case of murder, the crime deserves a death sentence.
Capital punishment
Justice has been served.
Punishment fits the crime.
Anyone found guilty is punished.
Sends clear picture that actions have consequences.
Capital punishment is revenge rather than retribution.

Many crimes are spur of the moment, revenge is calculated.
To discourage the offender and others from committing further crimes.
The idea that such punishments will 'deter' or prevent people from committing crimes.
Punishing people harshly for horrific crimes.
The idea of a 'tow-away-zone'.
It happens before the crime is comitted.

General deterrence such as the tow-away-zone can have a positive effect on us psychologically.

It can prevent people from causing horrific crimes.

It deters criminals from acting more horrifically, the worst crime will get the worst punishment.
Research shows that punishing heavily is not effective and has little impact.

Studies show that where countries abolish capital punihsment as a form of punishment for murder. the number of murders have fallen.
Punishments should be aimed at changing the character of the criminal so that they abide by the law in the future

Criminals will no longer be committing crimes as they are aware on the consequences.

They have met victims and seen the negative impact they have on society.

Restorative justice allows the criminal face it's victim in order to see the error of their ways.

Arguments FOR capital punishment
Society must be protected from violent and persistant offenders.

Capital Punishment ensures that society is protected from criminals.
Prison sentence
Capital punishment
Life in prison with no parole
- Harmful criminals who are convicted are locked up behind bars.

- They cannot reoffend

- Citizens feel safe.

- Criminals that commit horrific crimes and are sentenced to death are no longer
Criminals may enter with a minor offence, after 'college of crime' they are hardened criminals are re-offend.

How long is the sentence.

Prison can make offenders angry and seek revenge
1. Give one reason why Dennis Prager believes in sustaining capital punishment in society.

2. Are you shocked by the doctor's response to capital punishment? Why/ why not?
Learning Intention
Today I will be looking at reasons why people are opposed to capital punishment.
Success Criteria
All: I will be able to give one example why people disagree with capital punishment.

Most: I will discuss my opinion on the idea of reform and whether or not it is effective.

Some: I can answer the question 'can innocent people be executed?'.
1 Do you believe it was right for Mr Cummins to be freed from the case?

2 Clemons was sent to hospital after his trial, do you think he had a fair hearing? Give reason for your answer.

3 Do you think innocent people can be sentenced to death?
Criminals can reform and become part of our society.

The can make a positive impact on visitors and as used in documentaries as deterrents. (Nicky Cruz)

They are used positively in prison and are respected, with jobs and duties.
Victims family do not see is as justice.

Many people don't believe this criminals can be reformed, they believe in the idea of 'college of crime'.

Studies show that many people re offend after completing their prison sentence.
Write down the question into your jotter.
Answer questions 1, 2 and 3 in your jotter.
Prior Learning
Arguments in favour of the death penalty.

Dennis Prager's opinion.



You are an active campaigner who is


of the death penalty. (Choose ONE)
Why are you against/ in favour of the death penalty? ( 3 reasons)

How do you think criminals who murder innocent people should be punished?

Do you believe that innocent people can be executed, explain why?

Learning Intention
Today I will be looking at Michael Portillo's documentary on methods of execution and whether or not they are humane or inhumane.
Success Criteria
At the end of this documentary I will be able to discuss why the lethal injection is being re-examined for its purpose of execution.

I can also describe reasons why people are for and against humane method of killing that Michael discovers.
Thirty years ago,
death by lethal injection was conceived of as a
more humane
way to execute the condemned.

But the three-drug cocktail pioneered 30 years ago has not changed over time, and critics charge that it poses an unnecessary risk of pain and suffering that can be easily avoided.

Indeed, death penalty opponents note that the cocktail used for executions today was long ago
by an American veterinary association
for use in killing animals because it was deemed unnecessarily cruel.
Lethal Injection
What is the lethal injection?

Lethal injection has 3 different drugs

The first drug, sodium thiopental,
is a barbiturate meant to put the condemned prisoner to sleep deeply enough that he feels nothing afterwards

The second drug, pancuronium,
is a paralytic that prevents the prisoner from twitching, convulsing, or indicating discomfort.

The third drug, potassium chloride,
stops the heart. But, again, if the prisoner is not properly anesthetized, medical experts say the drug will be excruciatingly painful.
In 2008, the US Supreme Court ruled that the triple-drug protocol was indeed lawful and did not violate the eighth amendment to the US constitution, which forbids "cruel and unusual punishment".
The 14 December 2006 execution of inmate
Angel Diaz
in Florida took a total of 34 minutes, and a second round of injections to complete.
Witnesses to the execution reported that Diaz "gasped" and "grimaced" during the procedure.

An autopsy revealed chemical burns on Diaz's arms, where needles had been pushed all the way through veins and into soft tissue.
But in 2009, after a two-hour attempt to execute Rommel Broom via a triple-drug cocktail, Ohio became the first state to change its procedure to a single dose of anaesthetic.
1. What was Michael's aim in this documentary?

2. How many countries in the world use execution as a punishment?

3. Who carries out the lethal injection on death row patients? Why is it not a doctor?

4. How does Carol explain what pancuronium feels like?

5. What is the better solution to lethal injection?

6. Why do pro capital punishment campaigners disagree with this?
Warning: Images of different types executions will be shown
Christian Attitudes To Punishment
The Bible is the guide for Christians as it instructs them how to keep God’s laws.

Christians look to the Bible for guidance on how they should punish criminals. They also look to the teachings of Jesus and his example to help them make decisions
Old Testament…
Old Testament uses
as reasons for punishment.
Leviticus 24 19-20
“If anyone injures his neighbour, whatever he has done to him: fracture for fracture, eye for an eye, tooth for tooth. As he has injured, so he is to be injured”.
In Deuteronomy 17:12-13
says that capital punishment is the ultimate deterrence for people as they won’t commit the same crime.
New Testament…
New Testament tells Christians about the
life of Jesus

his teachings
as well as birth and death
The New Testament teaches about forgiveness, reconciliation and the importance of ‘love your neighbour’
Matthew 22: 37-39
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