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The B side of the Football World Cup 2014

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Daniela Davis Davis

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of The B side of the Football World Cup 2014

The World Cup of the FIFA Brazil 2014 will be the edition XX of the World Cup of Football. It will be realized in Brazil between June 12 and July 13, being the second time that this sports contest realizes in this country
The B side of the Football World Cup 2014
The people:
In June, 2013, more than one million persons went out to the streets to demonstrate the feelings against the costs
of the Football World Cup 2014 and demanded
improvements in the education, health and work.
The police:
the aborigens, who brandished arches and arrows and showed placards in those who were read " FIFA not. Demarcation, yes! ", they were suppressed by teargases by the police.
The president : Chairwoman Rousseff assured
that it will deliver housings to low cost to tackle
the dispute, but it did not hesitate to
indicate that it will appeal the Army if parties
of the Glass are interrupted.
The Fans: Fans of 32 selections enlist their better pomps for the Football World Cup, the world prepares itself to enjoy of Brazil 2014, what promise to be aa spectacle inside and out of the areas of game.
Sports Minister: It admitted, that there are small groups interested in disturbing the Football World cup and thought that if the manifestations are pacific they
will be legitimate, but if they resort to the violence
they will be contained by the public force, inside the constitutional frame.
How ever , the citizens seem not to be receiving in a good way the preparations. The social claim left an injured man and dozens of arrested who faced the police in a fight for his rejection expressed to the high cost that up to the date the preparations have had.
The increasing infantile prostitution in Brazil before the arrival of the Football world Cup increases in an alarming way.
"I guarantee that no member of the FIFA or of the foreign selections will be importuned" , said the mandataria on Thursday night in a dinner with the sports journalists . Rousseff thought that the brazilian authorities learned "very much " with the experience of the Glass Federations of 2013. when protests were registered in the whole country in demand of better publicservices and political reform
" I do not want the Football World Cup in Brazil, I want a ceiling ", people shouting while they were passing by the fancy mall Iguatemi, demanding that the Government offers housings for those who must have left his houses because of the increasing prices of the real estate.
The president : Chairwoman Rousseff assured that it will deliver housings to low cost to tackle the dispute, but it did not hesitate to indicate that it will appeal the Army if partiesof the Glass are interrupted.
Key words
Only in Sao Paulo, near 70.000 families they are
going to be removed as consequence of the works of preparation for the Football World Cup of 2014

Nowadays, the estimations of the necessary investments to receive the major global holiday of the football in Brazil range between the equivalent to US$13.500 million and US$66.145 million

Vaccines, mosquito
nets or condoms: there are different the precautions that the travelers will have to
take when they travel to the World cup 2014

Members involved
Time line
Main Causes of the
Only in the construction and remodeling stadium generated an expense of US$ 3.700 millions.add To it the
in the tourism sector which reach up to the moment the 63.000 US$ million, of which US$11.000 millions the Brazilian condition spent .
Bad Organization:
less than 20 days of the take-off of the World cup of Football of the FIFA Brazil 2014, the Brazilians perceive a bad organization concerning the great event; one of the topics that more worry in the South American nation has to be seen by it with the excessive expense and with the safety.
Violation Rights:
The World cup of football in Brazil that will be played from June 12 to July 13, 2014 will be the major soccer celebration of all the times. But not the whole world will be benefit from this holiday. On the contrary; dispossessions, exploitation and violations of human rights already are darkening the preparations for the world championship.
Slogan Against And in Favor
In Favor
Only in Sao Paulo, near of 70.000 families they are going to be removed as a consequence of the preparation works for the World cup of Football of 2014. The right to the housing is being systematicly violated in the headquarters cities of the World Cup and of the Olympics
Consequences Of This Situation
The mobile extension of the network 4G, the opening of new hotels and the modernization of airports and of the system of transport are some of the works that this country will make, to be at the level of the visitors. Next June 12 it will begin to roll the ball of the World Cup and with her, will come more than 600.000 visitors
More than 70.000 habitants are being remove to be able to construct the new stadiums, at the same time it happens that the works are slowed down by the lack of workforce.the same habitants that are being out, the goberment it might offer them, the work, let's not forget that these people are from of fa candles, where the resources are the lower, with the salary that they will receive, they might finance a new home, and even the better one
The number of delinquency will increase with the arrival of more than 600.000 tourists, one way of solving this, it is to increase the safety in the streets, in the stadiums, in the bars, in residential places, and hotels were the tourists will stay
Morals and Opinions
Pele`s Opinion about problems on world cup 2014
The chileans fans way to the footballs world Cup
The protests in Brazil of 2013 are the public manifestations in course in the cities of Brazil, organized principally by the increase of the prices of the public transport and, additionaly, for the volume of the price that will cost for the country de world cup 2014
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