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SS 9: Napoleon: Early Life

No description

Devon Allen

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of SS 9: Napoleon: Early Life

The Rise of Napoleon The Revolution is Over Napoleon The Man Napoleon Early Life Napoleon The Early Years Napoleon The Budding General Italian Campaign Egyptian Campaign Born in Corsica into a family of minor nobility. On an expedition to Versailles with his father, he enrolled in military school. -Rose to the rank of artillery officer – provided him with education/training
-But he wasn’t a great student
-He read a lot and had a phenomenal memory However, he spent his time in France, lonely, isolated, and in poverty. He met his wife Josephine – she was not impressed by him but thought that he might be able to pay off her debts. -They were unable to have a son. -He divorced her and married the niece of Marie-Antoinette – a son arrived just a year later. Follower of Rousseau and the ideas of the French Revolution. His efforts in fighting the anti-revolutionaries allowed him to become one of the youngest generals in the army. He hated mob violence: in 1795 when called upon to save the Convention from the rebellious French citizens he… -He fired grapheshot cannons point blank directly into the crowd. As a reward he was given command of the French Army in Italy. While the Terror of the French Revolution was isolated to France, the ideas of the Revolution spread across Europe. What ideas about the Revolution would spread across Europe? The Italians did not want to be ruled by France; however, they wanted to be rid of the Austrians who were occupying their country. Napoleon realized that he needed the support of the Italians in order to win the war against the Austrians – he makes the following declaration in 1797: “People of Italy! The French army comes to break your chains. The French nation is a friend of all nations; receive us with trust! Your property, your religion, your customs will be respected. We shall wage war like generous enemies, for our only quarrel is with the tyrants who have enslaved you.” Napoleon won – drives out the Austrians – sets up his own government. His Promise: He and his soldiers stole everything that they could. -Paintings
-Valuables from tombs He shipped all these goods back to France for himself – RICH RICH RICH! Buoyed by his success in Italy he asks for permission to sack Egypt. -Cut off Britain’s trade route to India The French Government was weary of his growing power and was happy to send him further away. He CRUSHES the once mighty Egyptian army; however, his navy is destroyed by the British during the battle of the Nile. Why would the government be afraid of Napoleon’s successes? Despite the incredible loss, he returns to France a very popular HERO.
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