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Future Technolgy

No description

Amy McBride

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Future Technolgy

There have been plans to make a supersonic tube transport. This would
mean people
would be able to
move between
cities t nearly the
speed of sound.
Elon Musk the founder of paypal has proposed a system which would allow people to travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco nearly a 400 mile journey in less than a hour.

Smart Homes
Smart homes are becoming more popular. Smart homes include newer technology that will make your life at home easier. There are new fridges that will tell you what is inside and what you can make out of the ingredients. Counter tops that can heat up the food that you put down, and even a new finger print or face scanner that allows you into your home without keys. There will also be things like turning on your heating and bath from your phone. All these things have or will be made to make your life easier.
Security will be increased and improved. There will be face scanners and fingerprint pads which will be used to access the house. Sources are also saying that there will be an app for your phone which will allow you to lock your car. More over there will be a screen on your door which will allow you to reject,allow or talk to the person
Future Technology
Technology is advancing everyday and people
are coming up with new ideas. For instance people
have already started to make smart homes, homes
in which have newer technology and things people have made to make life easier. There is also going to

Polytron technologies from Taiwan are wanting to
make a see through phone. They are developing a prototype in a bid to make the see through phone a reality.
Samsung are also thinking of a new idea which
will be a massive step in phone history. They are
thinking of making a phone "band" which will
go around the hand and project a screen on
palm. There will be a small circular screen
which will be for phone call and face time.,

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