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6th Grade School Counseling Program

No description

Lauren Martinez

on 15 September 2016

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Transcript of 6th Grade School Counseling Program

What do School Counselors Do?
School Counselors work with ALL students
School Counselors are one of the many people at school students can talk to if they need someone to listen to them
School Counselors teach lessons
School Counselors talk to us about our future
School Counselors talk to us about our grades
School Counselors run groups

Why might you come and talk to the counselor?
Is it only for students who are having problems?
Someone to listen
Someone who will not judge - SAFE PLACE
Need a time to cool off
Want to discuss grades/academics
Discuss future plans of technical schools/careers/college
* For your Minute Meeting w/ Mrs. Martinez!
How to schedule time to see me
Ask your teacher
"I came to see you!" forms- Leave them in my mail box
Grade 6 Counseling Website-

My schedule
MONDAY- Franklin/Whitney

TUESDAY- Second Hill Lane

WEDNESDAY- Second Hill Lane

THURSDAY- Eli Whitney

FRIDAY- Wilcoxson
Classroom Guidance
1. Meet Your Counselor Lesson

2. Career Assessment/NAVIANCE

3. Study Skills Lesson

4. SMART Goals Lesson

5. Transition Lesson

Student Success Plans
What are they?
Why is this important?
Is it to early for me to think about my future plans? No, now's the time!

What is it?
Why is this important to me?
Will I only use Naviance this year?

My door is always open!
Class of 2016!

Mrs. Martinez/Ms. Vitiello
Gr. 6 School Counselor

There is only 1 you!
Study Skills
Healthy Habits
School is Important for...
You will soar!
Meet your school counselor
Learn about how a school counselor can help you be successful
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