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5 Themes of Geography of Vancouver, BC

The Five Themes of Geography -By Brody Althaus. I made this for socials class. :)

Brody Althaus

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of 5 Themes of Geography of Vancouver, BC

5 themes of geography of Vancouver Places Have Locations: Absoulute Location: 49° 14’N, 123° 6’W
Vancouver is on the west coast of British Columbia. Relative
Location: SouthWest coast of the BC province
north of the state of Washington
located on the Burrard Peninsula
between Brurrad Inlet to the north and the Fraser River to the south Places Have
Characteristics: Physical
Characteristics: Cypress Mountain
Stanley Park
Seymour Mountain
Grouse Mountain Human/Cultural
Charatteristics: Cultural Characteristics: Canada place
Lions Gate Bridge
Robsons St. Whistler Blackcomb
2010 Olympic\Paralympic Winter Games Relative Location is the location
of a person or place on earth
described by its reference
to something or somewhere. Absoulute Location is an exact
postion or location based
on a universal referencing
system like a map, grid
reference point or adress listing. Physical
the place and
make it unique. Human\Cultural
Characteristics are
objects like buildings or
structures that
people have put
in place leaving behind
a human Mark. Cultural
are cultural
creations that
define the places. Places Have
Interactions: Physical
Interactions: The places around us are subject to natural changes that happen over time. Physical-Human
Interactions: Other forces, as well
as human actions, are
responsible for the
physical-human interactions
in the environment that
are negitive and destructive. Places are
in Regions: Regions: A region is a place
that has unique
and qualities that
allow people
to compare places
based on the
similarities. Places Change
Over Time: Change: Whether through natural or human changes, places have the ability to change with time. Vancouver is in the Fraser Valley
It is also on the coast redevelopment
poplation expected to grow over 120,000 more people
the employment structure within the city
Vancouver is expected to add over 80,000 jobs by 2041 By: Brody near the Rocky Mountains
along the coast Vancouver Aquarium
BC Place
Vancouver Maritime Museum BY Brody
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