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Endymion Spring

No description

Maria Ickes

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Endymion Spring

Cast: Duck Winters: Cast Endymion Spring By: Matthew Skelton A young boy, named Blake, travels with his mother to England to research books for her scholar learning. While roaming through an old library on the college his mother is studying on, Blake is pierced on the tip of his finger by a strange book. When he retrieves the volume from the shelf, it is blank, wordless,reprieved of any writing. But slowly, words begin to appear on the once blank cryptic pages-words only Blake can see. So unfolds a timeless secret from the depths of the past. Secrets of the past, present, and future. Secrets from the beginning of life. Secrets that someone who is lurking in the shadows is willing to to go to great lengths to discover, and will leave Blake in grave danger. Synopsis Maria Ickes 389 pages published:2006 Synopsis As Blake yearns to discover more about the mysterious novel, an old professor of the campus who knew of the book himself, informed Blake that the book had chosen him for only him to read. Thus, he discovered another, only known by the person in the shadow, was begging to grip the book from his clutch in any motive possible. With the help of his sister, Duck, Blake solves riddles the book reveals to him to unlock the secrets that have been grasping to be discovered for centuries. The book's pages vibrate with a mysterious life, a life begging to be uncovered and released from the darkness and brought to the light to be discovered. "Endymion Spring"'s pages quiver with this life as they lead Blake and his sister to the darkest depths of the oldest library on the college campus. Here, their only light to travel by lantern, in the musk and dampness beneath the earth where books that have not been opened nor where a person has walked for ages. Yet, they discover that the presence of another is with them, someone who has been following them, and they're running out of time. As his heart pounds like a drummer, Blake is in a race against the clock to discover the secret "Endymion Spring" has been yearning to resolve to him before his life is halted by the person in the darkness. But, the outcome of the delve is worse than Blake could have imagined. Blake Winters: Endymion Spring: Diana Bentley: Jolyon Fall: Sneak Preview There it was. A small square of leather lying against the endless reams of fine white paper. He reached down to pick it up. His heart leaped into his throat. The book opened not to the map he had been following earlier, but to the black partition in the center of the volume. The ghostly message was still there, but it had changed ever so slightly. His blood ran cold. His torchlight trembled over the awful words:I am waiting.
Suddenly, the shadows seemed more menacing, more terrifying, and he began to run. Blindly, he dashed through the surrounding rooms, no longer following the map in the book,but a path of his own destination."(316) Why A Phenomenal Scene? This scene is phenomenal for the sneak preview of the movie and enhances a viewer's interest. It creates a cliffhanger that kindles a yearning to comprehend what happens next. The mysterious and haunting tone creates a suspenseful tone and adds depth to the plot. Using imagery such as "his blood ran cold' and "his torchlight trembled" ejects a spine tingling sensation off fear that yanks at your attention. Also, this scene would exemplify the mysteriousness of the book and the danger Blake's adventure places him into. The preview gives the viewer a small taste of the adrenalin rush and heart racing, such as the prey of a cheetah dashing for its life from its enemy, and leaves them begging for more to quench their desire. The movie would be a box office hit by:
It would pertaining to a wide variety of viewers. The thrill would high enough for teenagers to enjoy, yet not too intense for young children to become immensely frightened by.
Parents and guardians attending the film with their young children would also be indulged within the plot.
The movie would have scenes of action, mystery, and heart-warming moments.
It would contain a unique storyline no other movie has had.
The movie's climax is is unexpected and would get viewers to spread the word of the film,creating high income. He is the protagonist of the story. As a young thirteen year old boy, he finds the book revealed as Endymion Spring and catapults the story into existence. Blake's younger sister. Shows off her intelligence to professors at Oxford to shelter from her insecurities and annoys her brother Blake. Constantly wear a bright yellow rain coat that she thinks will make her parents never have a severe argument again. Juliet Winters: A young deaf "printer's devil" who is the protagonist of the fifteenth century story line. He is on the run from Johann Faust as he was a given a magical book to take away from him as he was using it for evil. A man who befriends Blake and his sister Duck. He knows of the existence of Endymion Spring and helps Blake on his quest to complete the book and unlock its knowledge by conversing with him with what he knows. He also warns him of the Person in Shadow. Sir Giles Bentley's, a book collector and one of the founders of a society of prestigious book collectors,wife. Is very involved in book collecting and studying also. Blake's mother. Is often upset with Blake's antics and the troubles he causes. Gone to Oxford on business to research books at an old college. played by:Jennifer Connelly played by:Cate Blanchett played by: Jeff Bridges played by: Dakota Goyo played by: Taylor Hardick played by: Will Shadley Marketing He is thirteen years old and has been acting since he was a small child. He also has experience in taking roles in movies in such genres as mystery. She is slightly younger than Dakota and has long blonde hair such as "Duck". She appeared in an episode of Will is the same age as Dakota,just as Endymion is to Blake in the story. They are quite similar to each other just as in the story. "House M.D.". He has been performing and appearing on television since he was an infant. He is like Jolyon as he is also old and wise in his career. Cate is also superb in her career and has received several accolades including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She is middle aged just as the character. Jennifer is middle-aged and has three children, so she understands the struggle with children and can relate to the role.
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