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Red Kangaroo Energy Pyramaid

No description

Brianna Besaw

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Red Kangaroo Energy Pyramaid

The Red Kangaroo's Energy
Pyramid The second layer of the
food pyramid are the primary consumers which is a heterotroph. This layer receives about 10% of the energy the sun gives off. The red kangaroo is located in this level. The third step of the energy pyramid are the secondary consumers (heterotroph). They receive 1% of the energy from the sun. The animal for that would be the wedge tailed eagle or the dingo. The first step of the energy pyramid is an autotroph, otherwise known as a producer, which receives 100% of the energy from the sun. The
first step of the red kangaroo's energy pyramid is the
eculyptus plants leaves because it receives and takes in 100% of the energy the sun produces.. The fourth level of the energy pyramid is for
the tertiary consumers( heterotrophs) and
they receive the smallest amount of energy the
sun produces. They receive about 0.1% of
the energy. An animal would be the
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