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Spiritual Abuse

It is crucial to take a deeper look into the multifaceted working of this phenomenon so that unity may be held in balance and the testimony of the church may be maintained.

Drew Walsh

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Spiritual Abuse

Types of Spiritual Abuse Who Are The Abuers? Reactions:
The good...
The bad...
And the ugly The Process of Healing legalism heavy loads manipulation majoring on minors the insecure the narcissist ourselves addicts the organization 1. jump ship too soon
2. stay on board too long 1. confront leadership
2. stay for a short while
3. prayerfully and considerately leave allow time forgive reconcile reconciliation on behalf of the organization “Is it any wonder people in the helping professions are often exhausted and depressed? They join an organization to do one thing and spend most of their time doing another.” Spiritual Abuse
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