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Cultural Landscape Photo Essay

Annie Barahona AP Human Geography

Annie Barahona

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Cultural Landscape Photo Essay

Alberta, Canada Native American TeePee's were easy to fold and carry around REED HOUSES
TITICACA LAKE, PERU Uro Indians in Peru build houses along this lake
because they live off from the fish and
surrounding crops ROUND-ROOF HOUSES
SOUTH AFRICA Ndebele's doorway painting tradition is used to communicate feelings with other sub-groups of the Ndebele people Bolivian Chipaya tribes build their houses this way in order to scare away predators form their herds UNDERGROUND HOUSES
MATMATA, TUNISIA History states that these houses were originally made in the
mid 1900s when people in Matmata wanted to hide from
invaders. CAVE HOUSES
ANDALUCIA, SPAIN These cave houses are mostly use to maintain a warm temperature inside without having to worry about the temperature outside. WOODEN FRAME HOUSES
RHEINLAND-PFLAZ, GERMANY These long-lasting, eco friendly houses represents Rheinland-Pflaz's value for antiques and environment. TULOU
FUJIAN, CHINA For a community that values equality, these round, equally
distributed houses are the ideal home. HOUSE WEARING HATS
KUTCH, INDIA These houses, known as Bhongas, are built in order to withstand the hazardous situations: constant earthquakes and the dryness of the desert this part of the country is so susceptible to. LAFU (LAHU) TRIBE
NORTHERN THAILAND These tall houses are a great place for families
to coexist and bond with each other. POINTED ROOF HOUSES
SUMBA ISLAND, INDONESIA Cows, pigs and other animals are found in the fenced place under the house. People live in the top part.
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