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Assessing the Connection Between Higher Education Policy and

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Kip Glazer

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Assessing the Connection Between Higher Education Policy and

Assessing the Connection Between Higher Education Policy and Performance (2006)
The Governor's approval
Town Meetings
The legislature's cooperation
University System Dominant over
Public Attention
Executive Director
4 Technical Institutions / No Community Colleges
The Importance of Collaboration
Implementation of Effective Fiscal Policy
Policy Environment
Work Process
System Design
by Mario C. Martinez and Michelle Nilson
1997 South Dakota
Higher Education Policy
1. Access for all qualified South Dakotans
2. enrollment in economic growth programs
3. improvement in academic performance
4. attraction and retention of qualified professionals
5. development of faculty professionals
6. collaboration among the universities
7. enhancement of current technological infrastructure
8. maintenance of current facilities and equipment
9. generation of external funds
Focus on Finance
Richardson et al.(1999) 's Grounded Framework
Policy Environment
Participation and Collaboration
The Role of Affordability and Participation
Efficiency and Collaboration
Quality and Learning
External Funding
(Contrary to Richardson et al.)
1. Unified system didn't hinder information sharing
2. Lost cost doesn't mean low participation
3. Public funding maintained the affordability
1. Was higher education performance in South Dakota tied to the state policy goals defined in 1997?
2. Did higher education reach the state policy goals by 2002?
3. Did some policy goals more effectively influence higher education performance than did others?
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