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No description

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Military

Fierce Foxes!
We are the fierce foxes and we fight for our country's rights!
We are a republican third party and we may be women but that does not stop us from running for national office!

We believe that before you get onto an airplane or a cruise ship that there should be more secure checks for bombs, explosives, and dangerous weapons. There should be higher quality gear and bomb squads on hand if necessary. There are also issues with security in the military therefore, we need more money for the military. We think this because there are new and improved things like protection and armory. There are people who go and put themselves in danger just to protect our rights. Lets use the funding for the military to hire scientists to make better protection and to bring back more heroes/heroines.

There aren't just military concerns but concerns that our borders are unsecured allowing illegal aliens and even terrorists into the country undetected. We believe that more stringent background checks can be put into place so that we have little or no terrorists in the U.S.A. These background checks would include looking at criminal recordes (if any) , if they are a part of a terrorists group, and what academic history they posses. These background checks would be used if there is someone that is applying for a passport or for the military draft. This would be put in place so that we could have foreign citizens that would help America but not have terrorists that want to wreak havoc on us.
Vote Fierce Foxes for your presidents
We will keep this country safe and we will use all profits and taxes for good reasons such as, higher security cruise ships/airports and for our brave soldiers to be protected. We want this country to remain safe and free!

Remember to vote Fierce Foxes!
We Foxes fight for our country's rights!
Republican Third Party

Background Checks
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