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Culture Assessment

No description

Brianna Reilly

on 13 April 2017

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Transcript of Culture Assessment

Where we will be staying.
The hotel that my friend and i are staying at is the Sirayane Boutique hotel and spa. It will total $2,306 for our entire trip.
Many types of Arabic are spoken along with, Berber, French, Spanish and English in Morocco. Some people speak English but it may be fun trying to get around without speaking Arabic. I would personally want to get a translator so I could do more things without embarrassing myself.
93% of the population is religious. Islam is the majority of that percentage. The vast majority of muslims in morocco are Sunni. The second largest Religion is Christianity. Only a fraction of the former number of Jews has remained in the country, many having moved to Israel.
FIA WTCC RACE OF MARRAKECH- This is just one round of the World Touring Car Championship but its the only one of it's kind in Africa. With a car collection exhibition and 140 super cars racing in the streets of Marrakesh, this show offers a serious adrenaline rush.
MARRAKECH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL- This is one of the most mportant film festivals in Africa, including the likes of Martin Scorsese and Susan Sarandon. The city’s central square, the Jemma el Fnaa, is transformed into an open-air cinema. Foreign visitors can enter the festival for free.
SUN FESTIVAL-If you love music then this is the festival for you!. Featuring local and foreign musicians with varying styles, this event lasts five days with venues all around Marrakesh. It’s an ideal chance to explore the city, listen to some great music, and ahem, shake your booty Marrakesh-style.
Imaad Rhamouni- The architecture, feng shui-inspired with cascading water features and Moorish and Andalusian influences, will definitely be a contrast to what you’ve seen of Marrakech so far. Stay here one night if you can, completely worth it.
Destination/ transportation
I am going to Marrakech, Morocco for my trip.
Flight #: 5267, 748, and 8784- From Milwaukee To Marrakech
8761, 741, and 4278- From Marrakech to Milwaukee
Departing Location and Time (Wisconsin): Milwaukee 10:52 am Wednesday May 17
Arriving Location and Time (Morocco): Marrakech 2:35 pm Thursday May 18
Departing Location and Time (Morocco): Marrakech 1:20 pm Thursday May 25
Arriving Location and Time (Wisconsin): Milwaukee 6:54 pm Friday May 26
The cost of the flight tickets together is $2,817
Culture Assessment
Brianna Reilly

I am Renting a Toyota Yaris For $118.91 for my entire trip
Plane Tickets: $2,817
Meals: $103.02/entire trip
Rental Car: $118.91/entire trip
Hotel: $2,306/7 nights
Henri Prost et Marchisio- Facing the Atlas Mountains, this 5 star hotel is probably one of the top spots in the city that you shouldn’t miss.
Stuart Church- Another amazing hotel to visit, but not to stay based on negative comments of past clients. It features all the splendors of Moorish, indian and venetian architecture and is beautifully complemented by landscaped gardens, surrounded by palm trees and olive groves.
Abu Yusuf Yaqub al-Mansur- This is just one of the original nineteen gates of Marrakech. This is the most beautiful of all. While Bab er Robb was the official entrance to the city, Bab Agnaou gives entrance to the royal kasbah in the southern part of the medina of Marrakech. The function of the gate, as royal entrance, was primarily decorative.
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