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Software, hardware and links to manufacturing industry

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Ruth Peacock

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Software, hardware and links to manufacturing industry

Explain the relationship between CAD and other software/hardware used in manufacturing.
"Mind Mapping" Method
Main Idea
Advantages of CAD
These are the five parts to the presentation
Software and hardware requirements
Uses of CAD in a manufacturing company.

Any Questions?
Describe the advantages of CAD over conventional drawing techniques.
List the software and hardware requirements of a typical CAD system.
Justify the use of CAD in a manufacturing company.
As a research and development Engineer the task is to compare the use of CAD with other methods and determine the software and hardware requirements to produce CAD drawings; in addition an investigation of how CAD links to other software and hardware and a justification of the use of CAD in manufacturing.
Thank you for Listening
Any Questions?
Relationship between CAD and other software/hardware in manufacturing
Software, hardware and links
to manufacturing industry
Quality of 3D representation

Accuracy of 2D Part / Assembly Drawings
Accuracy of computer
Maximum chord height

The time taken from 'Concept Idea to Manufacture'
3D Model
Sketch 2D shape
Extrude sketch
etc. depending on what part you are making
Put all of the different parts needed in an assembly model
Standard part library
Mate the different Components
2D Drawing
You can make a drawing by inserting the assembly into the drawing and putting in different views

Some software has the ability to reduce lead times this is due to the fact that you can work with other Engineers and use their parts they have already created also there is software that allow you to test you components.
Cost of software.
The cost for a solidworks licence varies depending on the package needed and the number of users.
Solidworks is expensive
Saves Money in long term
Electrical Wiring
Other Methods of Drafting
Hand drew everything in orthographic views
Calculated the stresses
If something is wrong they started again
Involved a lot of skills
Good understanding of the components created
CAD software
Don't measure each side you just type in the lengths
Don't calculate stresses
Can test components
When something is wrong it is easy to correct
Software requirements


Hardware requirements
Solid works


You can make links between a CAD system and other types of software/hardware for example oracle this helps with;
manufacturing efficiency
Improving production
Reducing costs
Reducing lead times
Efficiency of Manufacturing
Using the most effective design techniques
Use design paths
Using the same controls
Using the more efficient tools
Using FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
Pre-production Testing Benefits
Reducing lead times
Reducing waste
Reducing cost
Manufacturing efficiency
Justifying CAD
Key reasons as to why companies use CAD
Extent to which the CAD application is used
Multiple CAD applications
Data transferred within the business
Advantages of CAD
Easy to correct
Rapid prototyping
3D Visualization
Disadvantages of CAD
Does not consider real-world
Effects of weather
Wear on object
Weakness of material
Lack of Maintenance
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