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Frankenstein Foods

No description

Nicholas Spaine

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Frankenstein Foods

How have genetic modifications of fruit and vegetables improved crops with respect to nutritional composition, shelf life, eating quality, yields and disease resistance?

Genetic modifications of fruit and vegetables have improved crops by many ways involving nutritional composition, shelf life, eating quality, yields and disease resistance. With all the chemicals and the genetic modification they have made the food last longer on the shelf so that the company can make more, they also have disease resistance from chemicals and protection from pests. They also add flavoring so that consumers like the more and continue to buy the product.
Does biotechnology pose any risks to the environment? If so, what are these risks?
Genetically engineered (or the natural plant) can become toxic to wildlife. The most damaging impact is that now weeds have become resistant to the herbicide and glyphosate. The overuse of the “roundup ready” trait in plants has caused some weeds to become immune to herbicide. Farmers are now going to start using older weed killers like 2,4-D and dicamba. scientists are also making plants that are resistant to the old weed killers.

GM Corn
Corn has one of the most varieties of GM crops in the United States. Biotech companies so far are testing corn concoctions (mixture) which have altered many aspects of the corn including amino-acid compositions, seed color, start content and ability to tolerate droughts. The uses of GMO’s have been modified to be to be resistant against pests so that farmers don’t have to spray harmful chemicals on the crops. The positive impacts on society are that they crops grow more plentifully than the normally grown (organic). They also grow bigger, faster and use fewer resources so that they can feed more people and they could potentially end a lot of hunger issues. The negative impact is that many people are unsure of the future impacts of GMOs. Another negative is that they could make it wrong which could provide negative.

Im for GMO's because you don't have to have alot of land to grow alot of crops and they can also be bigger which can provide you with more nutritional value and aswell as could help feed hungary people with all the farm land we have.
No activists are justified because some people spent alot of time and money to research those technologies and then they just destroyed many years worth of research and experiments for some people.
Frankenstein Foods
Find a definition of “genetically modified organism.” How are genetically modified organisms different from non-genetically modified organisms.

The definition of genetically modified organism is an organism whose genetic characteristics have been altered by the insertion of a modified gene or a gene from another organism using the techniques of genetic engineering. Genetically modified organisms are different than a non-genetically modified organism because it can GMO’s can adapt to their environment faster. They can do this because of the modified genes can adapt faster than the normal genes.

The recent acts of activists intent on destruction of research plots included plants altered by molecular as well as classical genetic techniques. Is it possible to distinguish between plants altered by classic genetics and those altered by modern techniques? If it is possible, how is it done?

It is possible to distinguish the difference between plants altered by classic genetics and those altered with modern technology. It is done in a lab by looking under a microscope since DNA is microscopic. Also the techniques that they used now is different from then.

What safeguards are in place to protect Americans from unsafe food? Are these methods science-based?
Safeguards that are in place to protect Americans from unsafe foods are made by the FDA, they have introduced several initiatives that address food safety hazards with domestic or imported produce. They guide industry practices in the safe production of fresh-cut fruits & vegetables. The FDA has also worked hard to raise awareness about food defense issues & preparedness. And some of the methods the FDA uses can be science-based but most of them aren’t.
Name as many examples as you can of harm to citizens from unsafe food. What percentage of these illnesses was caused by special genetic modifications?
Examples of harm to citizens from unsafe food are some allergic reactions, food poisoning and many others. Many of the cases with GMO’s are can cause some of these reactions. These are just some examples of what GMO’s can cause.

Can you describe a scenario in which public health and safety might be threatened by food crops modified by biotechnology?
Yes i can because public health and saftey may be threatened because some people can have allergic reactions because of what the scientists did to that food. Some GE plants can also speed up the rate at which you could get cancer. If 2 viruses mix genes they could become deadlier and if one had resistance to antibiotics will also be very hard to kill off. GE foods can also cause birth defects and can cause people to have shorter life spans.
By: Nicholas Spaine & Alex Vinson
Is there any reasons to be concerned by the role of private corporations in the development of agricultural biotechnology? Should companies be allowed to patent organisms?

Yes you should be worried about private corporations because you don’t know what they are researching and doing to plants and animals. You also wouldn’t know what symptoms could come from the organisms that the genetically engineered. Private corporations should be allowed to patent organisms because they spent time and money to develop something.

Are the activists justified in their acts of vandalism against food that has been modified through biotechnology? Why or why not?
Do you think there are good reasons for using legal means against the development of biotechnology-modified foods? Why or why not?

Yes because For some people the modified food can set off their allergies and in extreme cases it can kill them. Also GE foods can also speed up the process of you getting cancer.

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