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Consultancy Project

Consultancy Project for Ullswater Hotel

Samuel Lefevre

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Consultancy Project

Ullswater Hotel Consultancy Project Presented by: Jo Jacobs, Alissa Janayeva,
Samuel Lefevre & Yuen Tang Introductions and Content Background analysis: SWOT Background analysis: Porter Five Forces Current Trends Hotel Market Competitor Analysis Service Marketing of Ullswater Coaching Tours Tour Operator Analysis Theme Weekends Primary Research: Overview Primary Research: Profile of guests Primary Research: Coach Holiday Considerations Primary Research:
Coach Holiday Considerations Recommendations
Conclusion "It's included in the price" Adaptions to the Website, Social Media & Newsletter References References cont. References cont. Thank you Ullswater Hotel &
All the best for the future! Aims and objectives
Overview of Ullswater Hotel
Background Analysis
Porter's Five Forces
Current Trends
Hotel Market
Competitor Analysis
Service Markeing for Ullswater Hotel
Tour Operator Analysis
Theme Weekend
Primary Research
What We Did
Results Found
Feasibility of coach tour holidays
Website, Social Media & Newsletter
References Aim To investigate increasing revenue by maximising hotel occupancy primarily through group bookings, as well as more lucrative private bookings.
We will also look into improving the hotel’s profitability per available room and its marketing strategy. Objectives 1. Investigate the current hotel market in Bournemouth.
2. Research into the overall customer requirements for Ullswater Hotel
3. Identify any gaps or areas of possible improvement focusing on different group requirements.
4. To identify the Ullswater’s current competitors, the product and service they offer.
5. Examine the possibility and cost of different theme weekends.
6. Investigate the costs involved in setting up a coach holiday business and whether this is viable in the current economic climate.
7. Deliver a summary of the research findings and show how they can increase occupancy on a profitable basis.
8. Devise a precise and effective marketing strategy that will raise the awareness of the Ullswater Hotel and the services they offer
9. Draw conclusions as to how the suggested strategy that could be put into place & make recommendations. Overview of Ullswater Hotel Family run
2 Star Hotel
42 en-suite bedrooms
Bar and Restaurant (150 covers)
Provides regular entertainment and host theme weeks and weekends
"Coaching Hotel" New West Cliff Mayfair
Tower House Hotel Hedley Hotel
The Durley Grange Hotel Hotel Rivera
Balmoral Hotel Bourne Hall Hotel
Chequers Hotel Arlington Hotel
Whitehall Hotel Kiwi Hotel
Hotel Celebrity Russell Court Hotel
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Yell Limited, 2012. Professional entertainment and events. Bournemouth: Yell Limited. Available from: http://www.mikeschofieldpromotions.co.uk/contact-us [Accessed 8 January 2013]. Website for Ullswater Coach Tour Holidays:
http://bournemouthullswaterholidays.moonfruit.com/ Facebook: Bournemouth Ullswater Holidays Newsletter Look into proceeding with the start up of the coach tour holidays Investigate further the 60’s and 70’s themed weekend Improve the use of social media and update the hotels website to look more modern. Guest Profile: Elderly retired loyal guests, though comeback at a yearly rate and stay on average four nights! Where do your guests find you? "How many times a year do you go on coach tour holidays?" "How many would consider coach tour transportation by Ullswater Hotel?" "Where would your pick-ups be?" Primary Research:
Customers’ requirements for coach/package holiday "What is important to a guest when booking a coach holiday in Ullswater Hotel?" Primary Research:
Customers’ requirements for themed weekend Popularity of themed weekends Feasibility of coach tour holidays Trends in the UK Bournemouth Hotel Market 60% of adults have UK holidays
Sales increased by 16% to £877m.
Coach holidays – value for money & way of meeting people (VisitBritain 2012) Research based on questionnaire, quantitative.
Aim to investigate coaching business & also theme weekends
Samples of pilot & final questionnaire in appendices 6 & 7 of report No official requirements to start business
Example of pricing for 3 pick up points:

Further pricing can be seen in appendix 5 of report. Current trends cont. The number of domestic holidays is gradually increasing since 2009 recovering by recession.
Overnight trips for holidays in England: £10,031 million (56%) was spent by British residents on 46.1 million (44%) in 2011.
£4,023 million(22%) was spent by British residents on 20.2 million(19%) in South West England in 2011. (Mintel 2009; VisitEngland 2012) In 2011, 5% in the total of 718 people had taken coach tour holiday whilst the most popular was seaside holiday at 35%.
Using coach on the longest part of the UK breaks rose year-by-year, and it will be continually increasing in forecast.
Aged in 25 - 34s and over 65s were most likely to have a UK break, and age over 55s are more possible to take three or more domestic breaks.
In 2011, over 3 out of 10 UK residents traveled by train on one or more journey. (Mintel 2009, 2012; Flash Eurobarometer 2012) Product Price Place Promotion Process Physical Evidence People The main tangible product for Ullswater hotel would be the coaching holiday including the room at the hotel and also the excursions, the intangible part of the holiday is the service which is received Cost plus pricing: Ullswater distributes the tour service to travel agents, and hence travel agents would add 10% to the cost of the service as a profit margin
Cost based pricing: Since the hotel would have different seasonal cost of the services, which means they would base on the mark up to make the pricing decision of different season The indirect distribution channel would be the hotel provides the package to the travel agents, after that the travel agents would provide to the consumers. This distribution channel, the agents would not own the services package, as they transfer the ownership of the package to the consumers or buyers.
The direct distribution channel of Ullswater is providing the service directly to their consumer from phone booking or online booking. Direct mail: Although lower cost to the business, very low response will get from this approach which is not considered to use in the future.
Newsletter: Can be costly to the business but more attractive and attention paying from people which is worth of value.
Social media: High population using this including TripAdvisor, Lastminute, Laterooms. The process of booking, paying and implementing should be easy accessible for customers and simple for the Ullswater to process. The condition of the room can affect the price charged.In terms of operating coach tour, customers would expect the coach to arrive on time, and to be of acceptable standard. Proper training to employees in interpersonal skills, setting standards of conduct and dress. Uniform influence the images of the servicing staff would directly affect the customer’s vision of the company. Any questions? Strengths • Location of the Hotel. It is within walking distance of Bournemouth town centre and beach.
• Newly-refurbished en-suite rooms.
• Personal service as the Hotel is family run.
• High level of service through long serving staff.
• Excellent reviews for the restaurant, which suggests good quality food and service.
• Regular entertainment.
• Competitive pricing with various seasonal packages and special offers for over 55’s.
• Repeat bookings by regular guests. Weaknesses •Ullswater is classed as a 2* Hotel.
•The Hotel seems to attract only the older generation (50+).
•The Hotel only allows two or more night stays.
•They do not accept Stag, Hen or single sex groups.
•They have limited parking.
•The Ullswater has a basement, where there is a conference room and a games room, but it is hardly in use, possibly due to difficulty accessing it, especially for the elderly or disabled, as the elevator starts on the ground floor.
•The Hotel shuts for one month a year (January). Opportunities • The Hotel primarily being a ‘Coaching Hotel’ looks to expand by looking into the coach tour business. The Ullswater’s own transport would bring clients from various locations to stay at the Ullswater.
• There are multiple local activities within the Bournemouth and Dorset area, these could be included in their coach tour package.
• The Hotel does have a website, but it does look out dated and could be with a freshening up. This could potentially attract more guests. More connection with social media will potentially increase marketing for the Hotel.
• The restaurant in the Hotel is known for its good quality food, they could advertise to non-guests to increase revenue.
• With the conference room hardly in use, the owners could contact local business to use their facilities.
• Expansion of Bournemouth Airport and new low cost routes could bring inbound tourism. Threats • With the current economic climate showing little or no growth consumers are saving and not spending. Ullswater Hotel has noticed this by seeing a decrease in Hotel occupancy rates.
• The hotel market in Bournemouth is highly competitive, there are many choices for guests.
• Domestic tourism has slightly increased over the year 2012, but it has been fluctuating (Mintel 2012).
• More hotels are offering the same facilities and events as the Ullswater Hotel.
• More competition from other seaside resorts e.g. Brighton, Eastbourne, Weymouth and Cornwall. Primary Research:
Cross tabulation between structured program and themed weekends Good opportunity
Relaxation for customer
Main concept HOWEVER Market's limited penetration
Niche market
Difficult to predict the demand Same as Ullswater Different service/product
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