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How to change the world


christian wallace

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of How to change the world

How to change the world By: Christian wallace What I can do to help the world. Recyle donate money to save trees grow my own fruits grow my own vegetables Clean the water. Get a group of people together and clean poluted areas What would happen if we dont stop polluting? We would turn int earths sister planet venus. venus can go up to 250 degrees every day, it is a hot waste land with no life. You compare them. Earth Venus WITCH ONE DO YOU PREFER? If we dont stop polluting the
earth and the atmosphere,
the will become a hot wasteland with no life at all But we can stop this
by working together. We can use solar panels Wind power Hydro Electric Power and nuclear power We can stop our own destruction. It will stop using coal and oil, and
stop making polution on earth. It will stop oil spills in the ocean and car smoke. this will also stop the use
of oil, coal, and other fossil
fules. It will allow clean energy
without any waste. It will also stop the use
of oil, coal, and any other kind of waste.It will allow a clean flow of energy without hurting the enviroment. nuclear power will stop the use of coal, oil and any other kind of fossil fules. it is not as clean as the other kinds of clean energy but it is better than coal and oil that harm the enviroment. go green What my family could do to be more Eco friendly. What The School Could Do To Be More Eco Friendly. Donate money to help save trees
Use more recycleable material
Use More Recycleable bottles
Grow more plants on the field behind and beside the school
Use Solar Panels for power
Make more windows throw out the school for more natural sunlight Use CFLs intsead of light bulbs
Grow a garden to make more food to eat
Dont waste any water
Get solar panels
Try not to make any wastes
Dont waste any electricity
Grow trees in the back yard
Plant plants in the back yard Go Green!
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