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Gilded Age problems and solution.

No description

omavuare dekpe

on 21 August 2015

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Transcript of Gilded Age problems and solution.

Gilded Age problems and solution.
Gilded Age
The Gilded age was an era of rapid economic growth,especially in the North and West. American wages, especially for the skilled workers were higher then Europe, which attracted millions of immigrants.

Political Problems
The Gilded age was also the age of Fallen presidents at the end of the civil war.

In the 1890, frustrated farmers made their own party called the Populists.
Political Problems
Economic Problems
The Gilded age was a time period where the growth of industry and wave of immigrants marked this period in American History. The production of iron and steel rose dramatically and west resources like lumber, gold and silver increased the demand for improved transportation.
By: Omavuare D, Kevin C , Jayquon H

The administration of President Ulysses S. Grant was a cesspool of graft and abuse.
Treasury Department officers demanded bribes from importers if they wanted their goods to processed efficiently.
Unskilled urban works did not share in economic gains, instead enduring great poverty.
The Growth
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