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Drama Portfolio Exam

Drama 2012-2013

Eden Anderson

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Drama Portfolio Exam

Class Units Costume SET DESIGN Performance Drama
2012 - 2013 Portfolio Exam Eden Anderson Rehearsals Kara... Sweater Jeans Shoes Wears simple jeans like all the other kids, that way she doesnt look different. Wears simple sweater, doesn't have much style. Wears cute little shoes, in the attempt at being popular. Response Journals Class Units Rehearsal Process Final Performance Dramatic Arts Education -Confidence in yourself and others
-Opportunities in life
-Growth as a person
-Understanding values
-Communication and connections -Meaning and understanding of the play
-Character development and background
-Establishing setting and surroundings
-Detailing scene by scene with transitions
-Pushing and raising the stakes to be realistic -Technical aspects of a performance
-Movement and Laban to deepen character development
-Interpreting different meanings
-Developing characters, set and story line
-Appearance with costumes and make-up Porch Bus Barn -Overall progress made within the entire group
-Improvement with lines and flow
-Good energy and commitment
-Audience was well engaged
- Satisfied with overall performance
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