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The Crucible Soundtrack

No description

liz osborne

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of The Crucible Soundtrack

Track 1
Avril Lavigne-Girlfriend
While reading the Crucible you realize that Abigail believes that John will love only her if she gets rid of Elizabeth. Of course Elizabeth is John's wife but Abigail really didn't like her and even went as far as to resort to witchcraft to get rid of her. This track symbolizes how Abigail really wants John to love her and stay with her.
Track 3
Sam Smith-I'm Not the Only
This song realizes talks about a wife that realizes that her husband is cheating and both in music video and the story wife tries to act completely normal, much like Elizabeth. The track talks about how vows where broken and how love is still there even though adultery was committed. The line "I have loved you for many years maybe I am just not enough" went hand in hand with Elizabeth's reasoning for the affair towards the end of the play about how it take a cold wife to prompt lechery.
Track 4
Hozier-Take Me To Church
This entire song, almost every line can signify the moment when John decides to sign the paper. It talks about how the church is not truly Christian and that relates to how the judging system associated with the witch trials were corrupted. The chorus lines like "I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies I'll tell you my sins so you can sharpen your knife offer me my deathless death" symbolizes how by signing that confession would take John life figuratively.
Track 2
Milky Chance-Stolen Dance
This song would play the moment towards the end when John and Elizabeth see each other for the first time in a long time. This song is talking about people who love each other being separated and has relevelent lines like "I want you by my side so that I never feel alone again" and "We need to fetch back the time they have stolen from us" which is just like Elizabeth saying that she didn't want John to die. The line,"I hope they didn't get your mind your heart is too strong, anyway" reminded me a little about how Elizabeth was trying to convince John of his own goodness and how no matter what the town put in his mind the true him would shine through.
Created by:
Liz Osborne
The Crucible Soundtrack
Track 6
This song is about facing death and that is what John Proctor had to do at the very end. This song talks about facing your death with dignity with lines like, "when it crumbles, we will stand tall and face it all together" and John did stand tall.
Track 5
Foo Fighters-The Pretender
This song relates to the point when John, Mary, and the others reach the climax of the court procession. John becomes angry and this song is basically filled with anger. The line, "Keep you in the dark, they all pretend" is very appropriate in this scene.
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