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The Quakers in Cumbria

Yr 3 Presentation

Rosie Alcock

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of The Quakers in Cumbria

Who are the Quakers? What do they believe? Quakers in Cumbria? Where is Mosedale? How did the Quakers used to live? Why did Quakers go to America? The Society of Friends Meeting Houses, not churches. 210,000 Quakers in the world, the most in Africa and the USA Began in England in the 1650s They don't celebrate Christmas or Easter at the meeting house because they believe every day is special, but many do at home. Christian religion. 17,000 Quakers in Britain. SOME FACTS: Who started the Quakers? There is something of God in everybody and we contain beauty and truth. You can have direct experience of God and don't need a priest or vicar. God is love. We must look after the planet. Peace - they are against War. Everyone is equal and deserves respect. They don't have church services, at meetings people sit together in silence and speak if they feel they have something important to say. He was born in Leicestershire. He gave sermons in the countryside instead of churches. He was arrested many times for saying new and different things. He was unhappy with the church. He was told to 'QUAKE in the presence of the lord' and so the Friends were called Quakers. This is called Fox's Pulpit and it is near Kendal in South Cumbria. He preached for 3 hours and local people decided to follow his ideas. This is where the Quakers began!! The first meeting house was built at Swarthmoor Hall in Ulverston. Quakers have done many great things in history, such as looking after factory workers and helping stop slavery. In Kendal there is a tapestry that tells the story of the Quakers from when they began to modern times. The Quakers have helped improved lives of working people in factories, have made selling things more fair, have helped to stop slavery and have brought new ideas to science. Images of the tapestry can be seen here: http://www.quaker-tapestry.co.uk/about-the-tapestry/photo-gallery The meeting house was created in 1702 from an older building. George Fox, born July 1624 and died January 1691 This is the Story of a real Quaker family who lived in Mosedale. Thomas and Elizabeth Marke lived in Mosedale in the largest of the small houses. Thomas, Elizabeth, her mother,Margaret,and her brother, John, all became Friends soon after hearing George Fox preach. In 1653 a meeting was started in Mosedale. It wasn't easy being a Friend/Quaker. In 1661, 3 men from Mosedale were arrested and held in Carlisle prison for 3 years.
Thomas died in 1682 and Elizabeth in 1686. They are both buried next to the meeting house. Perhaps we can find their graves! The Quakers lived simple lives and tried not be vain so they wore plain clothes. Many Quakers went to America which was a new colony, to share the ideas of the Quakers and to escape from persecution. But many were also persecuted over there as well. Mary Dyer was arrested and hanged for being a Quaker in Massachusetts in 1660. William Penn was born in 1644 and became a Quaker at Oxford university. He used his rich connections to help Quakers in North America and eventually started the state of Pennsylvania. In modern America, some Quakers choose to dress in a traditional style because they believe it is modest and important to their religion.
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