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No description

austin ketterhagen

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of poems

moon randeau the moonlight white snow. The snow was icy but just powdery enough it was perfect. A small leaf blown through the woods. For hours and hours the snowboarders and skiers were on the trails all day. But once evening hit there was only one man. He loves the thrill of being stuck in the thing air. There he was on his board waiting for the wind. No people in site. Headjust his hat. the copper and silver of the edge of the board were icing over with every second in the cold. It was late and the colder than usuall. All of a sudden the man vanished. he was down the hill. He disapeared into the dark heart of the mountain. Stars the thousand of stars twinkling in the sky. the boy was getting shy. He looked at her and said look me in the eyes. she turned and was surprised. He had made her night worth while. they looked back up to the thousands of stars twinkling in the sky. Powder The snow flew up in a wave as the man soared by. he weaved in beetween the thousands of the trees. He was now in the sloshing stomach of the beast. The dark thing air was hard on his lungs. Frigid air chilled the skin of his face. He got a sudden sense. Boom a huge giant drop off he surged into the air. At that moment he was free. He had nothing to hold him down but the color splatterd sunset sky. Duck Blind The fog rolled of the warm water as it hit the frigid air. The finely tuned duck call breaking the silence. With every call a return. Every action an opposite reaction. Finally the ducks came into perspective. The sillouettes in the low light. The wings in the perfect form to land. My decoys in front of me. My friends sitting next to me in a line. The ducks come into range. My friends waited for those two words to slip from my mouth. The words didn' come. This sight was too perfect to ruin. So we all sat and watched. Everyone new exactly what was going through each others mind thats gorgeous. Rain The couple stand there in thedark grass field. They look eacth other in the eyes. He says "i love you" she returns with those same three words. He asks he really do you or are you just saying that. At that moment it started to rain. She said if i didnt would i be standing out here with you? Would i be standing with you hand in hand in the rain in an empty grass field? Would i be stairing you in the eyes telling you i did? Would i lie straight to your face? He pulled her in close to her. He wraped her in a hug. her body pressed up against his. and the rain seemed to stop but when they released the rain started again. Red Light So this is how it ends. this s how id what i dont love you feels like. this isn't what i had in mind for goodbye. all i ever wanted was you'r heart. it's obviouse you want nothing to do with me. so there yo go walking yourself out that door. Stop. i still want you. she turns and thinks about it without turning. she shakes her head. and keeps walking her beatiful self into the rain. Together Alone the long grass sooting towards the sky. the clouds blew humbly in the wind. the two look up. they just stare at it's beauty. the boy thinks wow that's amazing. but nothing can be as beautiful as this girl. he goes into a dream. he dreams about a girl. he suddenly opens his eyes and looks over and sees the girls of his dreams.
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