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My Family

No description

Hannah Rowley

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of My Family

The Rowley Family MY MOM! My mom's name is Blanca
she is a great cook, and is
a stay-at-home mom. She is
41 years old , she is married
to Kevin Rowley [ my dad ].
She helps me with my hw. and
is good at math , I LOVE HER! My Dad! My dad's name is Kevin he is a big steeler's fan .He is 41 years old also. He is also a police officer for Pflugerville. He loves playing outside, running,and practiceing t-ball w/ my brother.He likes taking me to my swim meets and cheering me on. ILOVE HIM! My Brother! My brother's name is Zach.
He is in 8th grade and goes to Kelly Lane.He likes running and playing tennis.He is 14 years old and is the oldest in the kids.
He enjoys drawing and likes scary movies. He wants to be a artest when he grows up.In the summer he has a mowing job and gets payed alot ,I always get into trouble because of him.He is also a bad lier. My Other Brother! My other brother's
name is Jake he is 6
years old. And goes
to MES. He is a fast
runner and great at
playing t-ball. He is
always laughing. My Baby Sister! My baby sister's
name is Kimberly,
but her nickname is
"Meme" .She is
four years old and will
soon be five. Me and her
share rooms. She is in
gymnastics and great
at it . She knows all kinds
of great treats, and
awesome at doing
the splits. She has
alot of friends and is
very talkitive.She is
always laughing. She
calls me her big buddie
I LOVE HER! Hannah [ me ] My name is Hannah, I go to Kelly
Lane and is 11 years old. I am the most
athletic person in my house. I love
running and swimming and love
playing and just being outside. I'm on
a swim team year round and it's called
Pfast, it's here in Pflugerville.I love
shopping , talking , hanging out with
friends and being active.I also love
watching scary movies and watching
mystery shows like { NCIS, &
Hawaii Five-O etc.} Thank You For Watching!!!!!!
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