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Bermuda Triangle

No description

Thomas Romero

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Bermuda Triangle

THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE "Bermuda Triangle." Wikipedia. 2011. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc . . 11 Apr 2011 <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bermuda_Triangle> History Nick Names 1. Triangle of Death Triangle of Mistery The Devil's Triangle 2 3 Aaron, Rudolph. The Bermuda Triangle.Mankato,MN:Capstone Press , 2005. 29. Print. The Bermuda Triangle was discovered in 1950. Planes were reported missing and boats were reported either crashed or sunken. START
END Worm holes move backward 1 space 1 explanation is aliens abduct planes and ships. Give 1 explanation You are in good weather Uh-oh getting dark beware of
WATER SPOUT! whirl pool
move back 5 space Made it through Landed on Bermuda Island
people gave you 5 pieces of gold go 3 spaces silver $50 gold $100 Get 5 pieces of silver
3 gold NO MORE GOLD You see lights beware. UFO abducted you and your ship.

Go back 3 spaces find 4 pieces gold Beware
it is getting dark 1492 Chistopher Columbus saw a fire bolt go in the water Suck
into a whirl pool You see land
go again you see lights
beware go back 2 spaces see a worm hole United States vessel in the area occurred in March 1918, when the USS Cyclops vanished. The mysterious Bermuda Triangle Legend which began with the disapearance of 5 Navy bombers called flight 19 in 1918 In 1609, a British ship was blown off course and shipwrecked water spout miss a turn Timeline of Events Take an extra turn see land go agan
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