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Basic Human Goods

My list of the basic human goods, primarily informed by Finnis and Nussbaum.

Kyrie Hupka

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Basic Human Goods

Protecting Life Bodily Health Maintenance Procreation Life Autonomy Kyrie Hupka
Fall 2012 Basic Human Goo s Grouping Nussbaum's Concepts of Bodily Integrity and Control Over One's Environment Finnis Knowledge Finnis, Nussbaum, Max-Neef (Leisure) Play Finnis, Griffin (Accomplishment),
Schwartz (Achievement), Cummins (Productivity) Work Finnis, Nussbaum, Alkire's concerns re
whether "friendship" is too narrow Connectedness Finnis, Rokeach Aesthetics Contemplation
the Universe Self Reflection Reworking Finnis' Concept of Religion
Because of the Theist Element Spirituality Max-Neef (Creation), Nussbaum (Imagination) Creative
Expression If we ask ourselves: "What is law good for?" and conclude that the law, at its core, is good for human beings, then the basic human goods are a tool for measuring whether a particular law is good. If a law advances one or more of the basic human goods, it is likely a valuable law. If a law does not serve or is contrary to one or more of these basic human goods, it likely
lacks value. Adjusting Alkire/Cummins' concept of
"Health" for Clarity Nussbaum So what? Bodily Integrity Control
Over One's Environment Human
Society Other
Species Nussbaum Security Finnis, Alkire, Schwartz, Cummins call this Safety/Security Finnis, Griffin, Nussbaum, Rokeach What about validity? Basic human goods are irrelevant to the question of legal validity.
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