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Texas Revolution

No description


on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Texas Revolution

Texas Revolution What was the Texas Revolution? What Caused the Conflict? What Caused the Actually War? The Mexican government asked the Texans to hand over their solid brass cannon which they used to protect themselves from the Natives. The Texans however refused and buried the cannon and teased the Mexican government. Then both sides met up and the war began after the first shot was shot. That shot struck the first battle of the Texas Revolution, which was named the Battle of Gonzalez. Battles During the War The march of mexican army occurred during March. Here Gonzales' volunteers planed to make an attack on San Antonio. On their march on October 12, 1835 the Texans won a victory.
The run away scape was an attempt to flee from the mexican army. However, many died during the fleeing but some did returned home. The End of the Revolution The final battle of the Texas Revolution occurred on April 21, 1836. The final battle was named the Battle of San Antonio. Here the Texan Army (led by General Sam Houston) routed the Mexican forces with a surprise attack. The Texas Revolution (aka Texas War of Independence) was a war between the Government of Mexico and Texas. The first cause of the conflict was due to the Americans' unwillingness to pay taxes for Texas. Also because the Americans ignored the Texas law 'no slavery allowed'.
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