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Car Project

No description

Abby Yowell

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of Car Project

Car Project
Audi TT RS Coupe
BMW i8 Coupe
~all wheel drive
~total cost = $139,450
~seating capacity = 4
~fuel capacity = 11.1 gal
~6-speed shiftable automatic

Audi TT RS Coupe
~ all wheel drive
~ total cost = $46,962
~seating capacity = 4
~fuel capacity - 15.8 gal
~6-speed automated manual
~ 265 horsepower @600 rpm

Audi TT Coupe
~all wheel drive
~total cost = $39,608
~seating capacity = 4
~6-speed automated manual
~211 horsepower @ 4000 rpm
We decided...
that the
Audi TT Coupe
was the best for our research. We made this decision based off of the amount of
we obtained about this car on different websites and sources. For the other two cars, a greater deal of the information was "non-accessible", or "not rated yet", considering they have only been recently released.
We also decided this was the better car for research, because of the
overall cost
safety features
. This model had many great safety features, and it was the least expensive in comparison to the other two cars we studied.
Abby Yowell, Lindsay Melichar, and Jenny Wislocki - Period 7
Audi TT Coupe
BMW i8 Coupe
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