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Elizabethtown College - Canvas my Campus

A look into Elizabethtown College and the things that make it a truly amazing place. Found in the small town of Elizabethtown, PA, E-town College is a tight-kint community of inspiring individuals.

Cassie Meade

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Elizabethtown College - Canvas my Campus

the best?

Who are we?
I'm inspired by my peers
The motto of 'Educate for Service' is such a big part of everyone at E-town. The women's soccer team spent their '13 spring break in Costa Rica teaching elementary school children how to play soccer.
Edna Zhou '10 was a reporter at the 2012 Olympics reminding us that even though we may be from a small school, we can go on to achieve anything.
We understand the power of teamwork. When we come together, great things can happen.
Sarah Fuller '13 knows that hope can be the most powerful tool for healing. In 2009, she founded the nonprofit organization Letters of Hope.
Ward '13 and Casey '13 prove that the friendships you build at E-town can result in amazing opportunities. Both received Fulbright scholarships to continue their studies abroad.
At Elizabethtown, students are not just a nameless face in a crowded lecture hall. The professors will stop you on campus to ask how you are and actually stick around to hear the answer. They'll take the time to build a relationship with you because chances are, you'll have them for more than one class throughout the four-year college experience.

The faculty and staff care for the students and want to see them succeed outside of the college setting. They are always happy to offer advice or to help a student who is struggling. They are always up for a spur of the moment chat if you swing by their office unexpectedly.
Study abroad opportunities are available for all students to take advantage of throughout their years at E-town. The study abroad program offers students a chance to expand their world views and cultural values.
Study Abroad
Scholarship and Creative Arts Day
Celebrates the difference Elizabethtown College students make with their ideas and creativity.
Real World Learning Housing Opportunities
The Student Directed Learning Communities are a housing opportunity offered to Junior and Senior students are a way to get students involved in service outside of the campus community setting. In 2010, the program was revamped to better correlate with the College’s motto of Educate for Service while offering more real-world learning opportunities. Students find a service project that they wish to work on for the duration of the academic year with the goal of bettering their understanding of their role within the community.
Students have the opportunity to take their learning out into the real world through internships. These internships offer real world learning and hands on practice within their field of study.
Clubs and Organizations
Students are able to explore their interests through on campus clubs. Any student can start a club. There are so many ways to get involved on campus and feel like you're a part of the bigger picture.
Thanksgiving Dinner and Christmas Tree Lighting
TGIS, or Thank God It's Spring, is a three day long weekend celebrating the nice weather that comes with the spring time. The Office of Student Activities decides on a theme and then plans the entire weekend around that theme.
Orientation Traditions
1. Move in
2. The Root beer Luau
3. Freshman Walk
4. Induction
5. Convocation
Moving into college for the first time can be stressful and a bit scary. Moving into E-town is a breeze with the help of the move-in crew. Even our President Carl helps with the heavy lifting!
Root Beer Float Luau
The root beer luau is a chance for the freshman students to mingle and get to know each other while enjoying root beer floats and dancing out on Brinser Field.
Elizabethtown College freshman gather together to sign the pledge of integrity and officially be welcomed into the E-town Family.
Students gather on the Dell for Convocation, an address from the President and the start of the new academic year.
There comes a time around mid October when Blue Jays from all over fly back to the nest for Homecoming weekend. They return for the familiar faces and E-town traditions. The annual Homecoming parade starts the days festivities. Generations of Jays line College Avenue to watch the student built floats go by. When Blue Jays get together, it's always a party. The day continues with various E-town Homecoming traditions and of course, plenty of freshly made carrot cake
Mr. E-town
Every year, the Office of Student Activities hosts the greatly anticipated male beauty pageant, Mr. E-town. One male representative from each living area on and off campus is nominated by their peers. They compete against each other for the title of Mr. E-town.

A majority of campus shows up to watch each contestant as they put on their dance. Students then vote for their favorite, essentially choosing who should be crowned as the next Mr. E-town.
The year rounds out with Commencement. The senior Blue Jays receive their diplomas and some wise words as they prepare to leave the nest for the final time. They'll always know that they can fly home anytime, E-town will always be their home away from home. Blue Jays. Always!
Being a school with just under 2,000 students may seem very small to some people. But to others, it's the perfect number. Everyone is an individual and everyone gets their chance to shine. You can walk across campus and know most of the people you see. E-town offers students the opportunity to get involved however they want. If you want to start a Wii sports club, go ahead! You can make that happen.

There are those noticeable individuals on campus that everyone just seems to know. The cool thing is, they know you too! You're best friends with the student senate class president, you live down the hall from last years Mr. E-town, you know the SWEET (Students Working to Entertain E-town) coordinators who keep the weekends awesome with events and trips. We're a close knit flock of blue jays!
When you visit campus, you may experience the sweet smell of chocolate hanging in the air. The M&M Mars Chocolate factory located in town makes the chocolate that fills the air with such a sweet smell.

Elizabethtown College is famous for it's carrot cake. What started as a recruitment tool, has turned into one tasty tradition. Every prospective student that looks at E-town College receives a carrot cake at their campus tour. The cake is made daily in the campus bakery.Elizabethtown College is famous for it's carrot cake. What started as a recruitment tool, has turned into one tasty tradition. Every prospective student that looks at E-town College receives a carrot cake at the end of their campus tour. The cake is made daily in the campus bakery.
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