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7th grade Health and Physical Education Policies and Procedures

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Deanna Castelvecchi

on 4 September 2018

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Transcript of 7th grade Health and Physical Education Policies and Procedures

Health and Physical Education Policies and Procedures
4 major goals
3.Self-Image/Personal Development
4. Social Development

Dressing Out
All students are expected to participate in PE to the best of his or her ability.
If you are unable to participate, a written note dated and signed by a parent will be honored for 3 consecutive days.
A physician's note will be required for anything more than 3 days.
Excused from participation does not excuse a student from dressing out.
Please make sure that you take your uniform home on a regular basis to be washed. Bring your uniform back to school asap.
If you do not have your gym uniform you will need to wear a loaner uniform.
At the end of class you need to put the loaner uniform in the dirty clothes basket outside the PE office so that it can get washed.
If you do not have running shoes you will need to wear a pair of loaner shoes.
Return the shoes at the end of class so that we may disinfect them.
1st time: Verbal Warning
2nd time: Parent Contact
3rd time: Lunch Detention
4th time: Disciplinary Referral
This policy is for each 9 week period.
Locker Rooms
Horseplay in the locker rooms will not be tolerated.
Do not bring any glass bottles or mirrors.
You may not use any sprays of any kind.
You may keep personal belongings including your uniform in your PE locker.
There is no eating or drinking in the locker rooms.
Use the restroom before coming out to the gym.
Throw away all trash in the trash cans.
Lock It Up!!!
You are responsible for locking up your valuables, i.e. money, phone, jewelry, clothing, shoes, pencil pouches, etc. It is best to leave valuables at home.
Bring a small container or zip lock bag to store small items so that they do not fall into the lockers below.
Do not share lockers
Do not give out your combination!
All injuries need to be reported immediately to the teacher.
Anytime you bump your head, even if you think it is nothing, you must report it to the teacher.
For safety reasons, students may not touch any equipment without permission.
Tardy Policy
Students will be marked tardy if they are not in the locker room when the tardy bell rings.
Students will also be marked tardy if they are not out of the locker room on the teacher's signal.
We expect all students to show respect for our school, public facilities, teachers, and all students.
You are responsible for you and your belongings.
You are not to touch or bother another student.
You must follow directions at all times.
You are to stay with your teacher until dismissed.

You will be graded on the following four domains:
Psychomotor domain
Cognitive domain
Affective domain
Health-related domain
Bring back last page of packet completely filled out and signed by you and your parent by the next class period.
We look forward to a great year with you.
Be ready to get physically, mentally, and socially fit :)
Rock, Paper, Scissor
with a Twist
All students are required to wear the Davis PE uniform.
Lace up running shoes and socks must be worn and tied each day you are in PE.
Absolutely no jewelry (stud earrings, string and rope bracelets, power bands, keys worn as a necklace and body piercings)
Absolutely no gum
You may wear a sweatshirt or sweatpants over your gym suit in colder weather.
Welcome to Health and Physical Education
Because at Davis Middle ...
But before you leave you need to know we have a celebrity in your midst - watch and be amazed!
Welcome Back!
Have You Ever...
We hope you will be inspired
to be great! Never Quit!
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